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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    I say we go need and take an offensive tackle either smth or oher that is our need.

    Best player available is Crabtree BARNONE! unfortunately we are not in any shape to take him, however I think we may actually be involved in a trade down this year

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie Dave View Post
    i feel our team isnt good enough to make luxury picks with best players.
    we have big needs.
    OT first round.
    ideally we will trade down and still get a top OT.
    We agree that our team isn't very good. This IMO is precisely why we should take the BPA. Luxury pick? If we're going to pay a player gazillions of dollars throughout a multi-year contract, in what way is it a luxury to make sure that you select the BPA? Obviously if the Rams have several players at different positions ranked more or less evenly at # 2 overall, and one of those players meets the team's most critical need then fine. However, if the Rams have one player on their board they feel is head and shoulders above everyone else, then they should take that player regardless of position if no one wants to trade up. There is a reason we have the #2 overall pick -- we can use help at practically every position.

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    Round 1 is a mixture of BPA/need. Teams who draft for need usually draft QB or RB. In the Rams case, there are enough "needs" to draft just about any position in Round 1.

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    BPA in round 1. Since the Rams have need in more areas than just OL, I don't think that would be a mistake.

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    I wonder if the question is really offense vs. defense pick? Best immediate impact player available, or do you consider off. / def. side of the ball? DT, OL, LB, might take time to develop. DE, CB, WR could bring more of an immediate impact. I wonder if we really have been very good at developing players? Our amount of wins indicates were not. Do our new coaches know how important this is. Talent is evaluated at the college level and then expected to perform with the same impact in the pros. How good would Hill be if the eagles would have drafted him? Or do you think it has made no difference and Hill was just a bad pick? Why is itthat some are better than others? Some teams draft better than others, but some teams coach and develop better than others. I sure hope our new coaching staff can evaluate, coach and develop talent.

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    Hey MauiRam!

    I would have to go best player available regardless of position.

    Almost everyone thinks WR Crabtree is the best player in this Draft! Isn't Ram's WR Holt almost $10 Million against cap. Rams take Crabtree (cut/trade Holt) get younger WR and save money for other Free agents. Holt was a great Rams player but Rams have to move on. Crabtree's turn to be a great WR for Rams. Doesn't Rams new Offensive Cordinator want to run West Coast offence. Crabtree would fit better in a 2 back West Coast offence.

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    Re: Which is the better choice?

    This thread got me thinking... for a more detailed look at the subject please have a read of this article I put on my Rams Blog.

    I'm hoping to do a comparison article soon comparing the top OT prospects in this years draft class to the past few years top players (Jake Long, Ryan Clady, Brandon Albert, Joe Thomas, Joe Staley, Marcus McNeill etc...). Any advice on info for such an article would be greatly appreciated guys. As a Brit its not always easy to know where to look....!

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