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Thread: Beware of Kiper

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    Beware of Kiper

    Here's a repost of something I posted a few months ago to remind us as we move towards the draft that you can't rely on Mel Kiper:

    Its interesting to see how opinions about a player can change during the months leading up to the draft. Check out these quotes about Alex Barron:

    January 18, 2005:

    "Barron is equally adept in the passing and running games and has light feet for a player his size."

    February 8, 2005:
    "With light feet for a player his size, Barron is a consistent blocker who is equally adept in both the pass and run games."

    March 6, 2005:
    "Athletically gifted with great footwork as a pass blocker, Barron started 30 games during his career. He is the clear-cut No. 1 among offensive linemen due to his strength and experience and should be a solid starter at the pro level."

    April 4, 2005:
    "He is very strong in the lower body and has quick feet in pass protection."

    April 5, 2005:
    "Ideal right tackle prospect." (Ranked 11th best player in the draft).

    April 11, 2005:
    "Barron needs to become more physical, but he has the size, strength and feet to develop into a starting right or left tackle in the NFL."

    April 24, 2005:
    Tackle Alex Barron has plenty of athletic gifts but is inconsistent in his effort, so the Rams may or may not have the right tackle they need."

    Okay... here's the punch line...

    Every one of these quotes comes from one guy. You guessed it...

    MEL KIPER!!!!!

    Wouldn't you love to be able to ask Mel how Barron went from being the "ideal RT prospect" on 4/11 to someone who may not be the RT the Rams need - not even two weeks later?!?!?!

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    Re: Beware of Kiper

    I think Kiper gets more accurate as the draft approaches, but perhaps everyone does, as we have things like individual workouts and the Combine to better judge guys. Regardless, take him with a grain of salt. He tends to go out there on some guys against the norm - like saying right now that Fasano is a first round guy or Omar Jacobs goes in the fifth round.

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    Re: Beware of Kiper

    i think mel kiper has a useful function for rams fan...

    he has never, if my memory is right, predicted the correct guy the rams eventually chosed in the 1st rd...

    so there, at least we can be reasonably comfortable in knowing that we won't pick mel's guy...


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