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Thread: Billy Devaney and Spags made a huge statement with the 2011 Draft!

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    Re: Billy Devaney and Spags made a huge statement with the 2011 Draft!

    Quote Originally Posted by Goldenfleece View Post
    I think it's a stretch to say that this draft is supposed to make us an elite team for years to come. If we basically felt comfortable with the talent we had on the 19th ranked defense in 2010, that says to me the team is still a work in progress.

    I disagree that there is so much of a drop-off between Rudolph and Kendricks. Rudolph's best season in college was 33 receptions, 364 yards, 3 TDs. Kendricks' best was 43, 663, 5. Kendricks has been more productive, doesn't have as many injury concerns, has more impressive workout numbers, and is probably a better blocker. I do agree that this may mean the end of Fells' and Onobun's tenure with the Rams. Fells because he'll be a free agent and Onobun because he was a late round project of the previous offensive coordinator.

    While I do think McDaniel is moving away from the WCO, I think Pettis and Salas would have been logical fits for that offense, too. The West Coast Offense most commonly implemented is supposed to be a high percentage, short passing game, which means it's more important that your players can catch the ball than that they have great deep speed.
    If this year's rookie class pans out the way last years did we are one position away from an elite team. That position is a top flight safety.

    We have the foundation:
    Franchise QB: Bradford
    Franchise LT: Roger Saffold
    Defensive QB: James Lauinaitis
    Elite Pass Rush DE: Chis Long

    We have nice players at Key positions:
    Bookend RT: Jason SMith
    Workhorse back: Action Jackson
    Great Center: Jason Brown
    Cover CB1: Ron Bartell

    Then we have Josh McDaniels who has proven his scheme works on a number of different occasions. He lead one of the best offenses in 2007. And we have Spags whos defensive scheme slowed down one the best offenses in nfl history. And they have been getting players that will excel in their system.

    we also have only 4-pillar players and strong leadership (no locker room cancer like Moss or TO)

    We have deep pocketed owner.

    Now doesnt that sound like a formula for success?

    We have a difference in opinion on kendricks and rudolph. I think Rudolph is a 1st round talent and kendricks is an early 3rd round talent thats why i suspect there is a huge drop off.

    Well i would like to see McD's playbook now. He has assets he never had before like a freak workhorse RB and now a good pass catching route running TE. He also has a Sam Bradford who might be the most talented QB he has ever coached (this means so much considering McD coached Brady)

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    Re: Billy Devaney and Spags made a huge statement with the 2011 Draft!

    I think this is all being taken to seriously given there isn't a free agency yet... if we just drop clayton that's messed up.. he was the answers to everyones prayers until he got hurt.. I think we are on our way.. but I always do.. because i love the horns.. but I would really like to see an active FA this year.. we did in 98 and I would say it paned out for us.. we look good in the NFC.. but how would we look if we aern't in the west? I will be putting 50 on us making the super bowl this august again.. as always... but I wanna see who we bring in FA and undrafteds.. before we start assuming we know how this season is going..

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    Re: Billy Devaney and Spags made a huge statement with the 2011 Draft!

    Quote Originally Posted by BarronWade View Post
    Now doesnt that sound like a formula for success?
    What it sounds like is that we have the foundation in place to build a contender but not necessarily that this draft brings us that close to completion. It's worth noting that 6/8 players you mentioned play on offense, and while Bartell is a good player, I don't think he's someone most coaches in the league would identify as a player they would want to make the keystone of their defense. I would agree that we do seem to be heading in the right direction, but if you look at the list of factors you mentioned in the most recent post (coaching, ownership, foundational and key players), this draft doesn't substantially alter any of those situations. We have refitted the offense somewhat for the new OC, but that still leaves us in the transition phase. To me, if you talk about this draft in particular, the statement is that we're still in transition. We can't do everything at once.

    With regards to Kendricks, I'd be curious to know what about him would suggest a third round grade. In my mind, as a prospect he's head and shoulders above the last third round tight end we took, Dominique Byrd.

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