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Thread: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

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    Re: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

    Trade down! For where we are picking, we should be able to make a trade that would add multiple draft picks in this draft and perhaps next years draft as well. We have way too many holes to address to say that any one player is worth more than the opportunity to fill those holes with quality prospects. Face it, we are not one Justin Blackmon away from going to the Super Bowl.

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    Re: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

    I live in Stillwater, OK. I've watched Blackmon for three years now. He's not a speed guy, nor is his route-running very crisp or refined (he's been better at it this year).

    Don't see him worth the #2, but Bradford needs weapons so badly, though, I couldn't fault them for using it on him. And yet it's hard to throw to a slower wide-receiver like Blackmon on a deep route if nobody can block for you.

    I would like to see us get one of Jeffrey, Floyd or Broyles, regardless of whether we take Blackmon.

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    Re: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    I'm not saying that we need to skip over getting a WR in the 1st, I'm saying that we trade down in the first and grab maybe the 2nd best WR in the draft, but in trading down, we get two more high picks(1st next year and 2nd this year?) and/or an upgraded veteran player who fits whatever new scheme we have.
    Like in life, why not take what you can have and not settle?

    Would you rather have the physically impressive 10 wife, 10 personality, 10 charisma, etc....

    or would you let her go to ANOTHER GUY

    because you were to afraid to ask her to marry you? and then have to settle for the physically blaise 4 wife, 4 personality, 4 charisma, etc....

    And Im not talking about the woman with potential either-- Im talking about the woman that's already got it. No cosmetic surgery required, no brain altering medication, and no socialization neccessary.

    Same principles apply here. Take Blackmon and be happy.
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    Re: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

    There are rumors Blackmon may run a 4.55 or 4.60 at the combine. If that's where he runs, he's not a second pick prospect. Softli commented a few weeks ago that it's a condition having over everyone's suggestion he's a top pick. We won't know until the combine or his pro-day.

    When Mizzou played OSU, the comparison was between Dez Bryant and Blackmon and they said Bryant was the more physically gifted receiver.

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    Re: Blackmon, Kalil, or trade down???

    I'm inclined to trade, but it depends on the offer. If Cleveland offers both 1sts (and most likely a 3rd on top) take it easy. They'll take RG3, and then we either get Kalil or Blackmon (whoever the Vikes don't take); not to mention we get another #1, and a #3 (which most good GMs can find something with). I'd also be willing to take Joe Thomas off their hands but I doubt that'll happen.

    Washington or Miami would have to offer a bit more obviously. I don't know what the Skins would throw our way, but I hear its Helu+ picks; that doesn't tempt me so much. If Miami gave us Long their 1 & 2 this year, next years #1, and then another pick I'd look at that too. Then maybe we could take their #1 our #2 and trade up to steal Blackmon (wishful thinking).

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