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Thread: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

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    Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    Watching the game tonight only confirmed my opinion that Justin Blackmon should be a lock for the Rams pick! (outside of a blockbuster trade of course) If you think he is not able/ or should be that high of a pick you are out of your skull as John Gruden would say.

    With the biggest game of his career, with the game on the line Blackmon steps up and converts the 4th. Emotional, motivating his teammates... if you don't think he is our #2 pick you don't know football!

    What knocks does he have really? He's 6'1? If you truly are a Rams fan you'd know Holt and Bruce weren't taller, his speed? Once again Holt and Bruce weren't burners but their on the filed speed is what counted which is exactly what Blackmon has to..

    Go do some soul searching... I challenge you to dig up another WR in recent memory that is a dominant and talented as him, especially statistically and honors received.
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    Re: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    I am a Wide Reciever fan and love Blackmon....I challenge you to watch a Cowboys game and see Laurent Robinson catching touchdowns weekly and see that we need 3 new Offensive Lineman or Blackmon will end up lost.

    Everyone knows that both Kalil and Blackmon are legit talents and there are 10 other first rounders that look great as well.

    The problem is we need to get 10 NFL starters this off-season, along with a coach and a GM -- once again Rounds 2, 3, 4 and 5 will be more important to building this team.
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    Re: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    Blackmons the guy.

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    Re: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    No brainer even if we cant trade down he is worth the #2 pick,he is a game changer,a monster and will produce day 1 he is NFL ready.

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    Re: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    I WANT blackmon.. but he isnt a lock.. i still think the rams pick up kalil but i hope not..

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    Re: Blackmon is a lock for #2 pick

    Agreed on Blackmon. I tried to watch every game of his this year and he was almost always great. He may lack the speed and size of some other top guys but I don't see how you can't take a guy who produces like he does every week.

    And am I the only person who remembers that Holt ran his 40 in the 4.3s and that a huge thing about the greatest show on turf was that they had by far the fastest group of playmakers in the league?

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