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    If the Rams are going to focus on picking the best player available at the 13th spot what do they do if a guy like OT Levi Brown is the best player available.

    Peter King recently talked about how their is not a lot of 1st round talent in this draft and maybe the Rams will simply have to take the best player even if it is not in a position of desperate need.

    If Levi Brown is the BPA do the Rams take him?

    My reasons for taking him would be

    -upgrade at LG/ Future at LT
    -Pace's age/injury
    -Barron's false starts

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    Re: Bpa

    I liked Setterstrom at LG last year, at times he even had me yelling "check out the roadgrader" (heavy boston accent) on some of Steven's big runs.

    Besides that, although our o-line depth might not be what we thought it would a few months ago it might be hard for us to ignore MOST positions on defense. So while we might not go Best Player Available, we might just go for Best Defensive Player Available.


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