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    Bradfor vs Suh on Guaranteed money?

    It doesn't seem like a stretch that Bradford would be looking for at least 41 million, if not more, in guaranteed money since that is what Stafford received.

    Does anyone know a ball park of what Suh would probably be able to command?

    I have been a supporter of picking Bradford but the closer we get to draft the more nervous I am in tying up so much money in one player on a team that needs so much. One serious injury to him could not only set us back but make it difficult to move forward financially.

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    Re: Bradfor vs Suh on Guaranteed money?

    Considering that there's no salary cap, this is less of an issue, but the fact is, the quarterback is going to be the better deal even though he'll likely command more money. Yes, he'll be a top 5 paid quarterback, with no resume to show that he should be so, however, that's better than paying the DT to be the second highest paid DT(I assume that Haynesworth still would win the battle) with the same resume.

    But this instance is exactly why a rookie slotting system needs to be implemented in the next CBA. One, it'll free up the trade market for the top of the draft, and second, it'll let teams pick the position it most needs, rather than drafting for value at the top of the draft. Whoever we pick will be the highest paid draft pick ever, but it makes more financial sense to take Bradford, even if he's more expensive.
    I believe!

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    Re: Bradfor vs Suh on Guaranteed money?

    Don't pass on guys you really want to save a few dollars. Yeah you saved a few mill, but if you suck again. You'll end up losing more when your fans stop coming to your games...

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    Re: Bradfor vs Suh on Guaranteed money?

    It's hard to say how much Suh would command in a contract. Going back a few years, Jake Long signed a deal worth less overall than JaMarcus Russell with less guaranteed money, but the average per year salary was more because it was only a five year deal.

    So my very basic and premature guess would be that Suh would probably command less guaranteed money and the total dollar figure of the contract would be lower, but I doubt the per-year average would be significantly different. Either way, I agree with Bralidore - the first overall pick is going to cost money whomever it is, so it shouldn't play a role in altering your thought process either way.

    This only highlights the desperate need for a rookie wage scale.

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    Re: Bradfor vs Suh on Guaranteed money?

    I'm sure Suh would bring the same kind of audience for the team as well, just maybe slightly less than Bradford.

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