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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsSB99 View Post
    Thank you for comparing Bulger to Bradford. You say the West Coast is built around quick release and accuracy which is what Bulger was known for and you say that he hasn't been able to do that anymore. Why is that? I think it has to do with him no longer having Bruce, Holt, and Proehl type WR's and he has a bunch of #3 and #4 WR's instead. I dont see Bradford improving the team much more then Bulger behind this OL with these weak WR's. I could see him improving the team and I like his personality better but I don't see him improving more then Bryant would as our #1 WR with Bulger throwing to him. I would rather have Bulger throwing to Dez Bryant then I would Bradford throwing to our slew of #3 and #4 type WRs.

    I would still rate our OL as slightly below average as well we have not had deep routes since Martz and we are still getting sacked often. Part of that though is we dont have WRs that can run good routes and get open.
    See while I agree that a Dez Brytant would be an awesome addition to a Marc Bulger in his prime, hes at the end of his career. Almost double digit seasons. There needs to be new energy at the center of the offense. Honestly, Bulger has no fire to play and to play well. He doesn't look excited to play at all. We have a young receiving corp. Maybe another year makes them better? Who knows, but receiving targets are a lot easier to get than a franchise quarterback that can give our team the energy that it needs to be good again.

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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    No doubt in my mind any more THE most important guy we are missing on offense is the QB.

    Bradford, if he's my only choice as QB, has to be taken at #1 so I'm going to assume, trusting in DeSpags, that he is THE guy if taken and that the risk of injury & arm strength issues( I've heard both weak/strong descriptions; looks fine to me) are deemed acceptable. Better loft & touch than Marc, imo, but what I've seen are highlights only, really. Bulger has that flat laser that works well for a Martz window but not necessarily for the pitch & catch improv of Shurmur's WCO .

    The fragility thing cuts both ways; I'm a Bulger fan but he needs the Warner hiatus to resuscitate his career.I'm not gonna pretend to know whether Bradford's injuries are indicative of fragility or just anomalies. Again , if he's picked the risk will have been deemed acceptable.He certainly hasn't taken the beating Marc has in the last two years, is younger, taller, and reportedly had no problem adding some bulk-something I've always been surprised that Bulger never seems to have done. Warner was visibly bigger in his upper body in his Cards stint & I'm sure it helped him last longer.

    I really have no problem with the WR group. The injuries are absurd but I saw enough spark from all of those guys to think an effective collective unit can be forged.The long game will come with a more effective short game,imo. Avery & Robinson CAN get open deep & I doubt Sam will be a Ram if he can't throw it deep-Devaney has publicly stated that it was a problem they need to fix. Another year in the same system, hopefully some help at TE & pass-catching RB, & a QB who can stay healthy, be fairly mobile & smart with the ball under pressure....that's why, with Sam's history, I'm still intrigued by Clausen.Bryant would struggle along with the rest until the other stuff is fixed,imo,anyway.

    Heck, I've even mulled the effect of Suh & Tebow. Maybe the spark that both might bring to their respective units would be worth the risk.

    It doesn't seem to me that Barron is going anywhere-no suitors to this point that I've heard of-so Okung is a luxury the Rams can't afford,imo.I wish we could. In a normal FA year, it might have been possible. At least he stays healthy & is a better runblocker,imo, than he's given credit for.

    Frankly, it won't make a damn bit of difference whether we get a star at QB, WR,DT, or OT if the injury carnage continues across the board. It's such a sad exasperating refrain but the tune is one I can't get out of my head..
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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    out of all the three you listed, Bradford would be the bigger upgrade.
    Okung im not really considering because he wouldnt be that big of an upgrade over Jason Smith or Alex Barron

    Talent-wise, it probably would be Bryant that is the biggest upgrade. But he doesnt seem to have the mindset that the Rams need right now. He apparently is regularly late for practice, and even games. The Rams dont need that kind of distraction.

    So therefore in my opinion it would be Bradford who is the biggest upgrade out of the three.

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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    One other thing to remember in regards to Peyton vs Bulger: if you blitz manning, he makes you pay for it. He'll audible bumps and rip you apart in the middle. You don't scheme or defend a Manning like you would Marc B. Less so if you consider Clarke, (Harrison), Wayne, Gonzo, Garcon, Collie, etc

    not exactly apples to apples...

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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    Well il try to answer the question and only the question:

    Bradford will improve the team the most over the next 3 years.

    And the main reason is Bulger. It was pretty obvious Bulger could not throw the ball past 20 yards. His shoulder is not what it was before and the zip on his passes were off. Another off-season of aging and nagging injuries will just make him worse. At this point if we go forward with the QBs we have i think it would be a competition for whos the starter Null vs. Feeley vs. Bulger. and im not too confident with any of them. And even you can admit Bulger's accuracy was off last year.

    Dez Bryant is not a Torry Holt type WR. He is a possessional receiver that does not run crisp Holt like routes and he wont give you that YAC like Fitz does. The only way he can be a huge factor on the Rams is if he has a good QB. That's why Bradford will improve the team more because Dez needs to rely on good QB play.

    Okung is a very good talent. But the thing is who is he protecting? Bulger cannot make plays anymore. He needs to protect a QB that can convert on a 3rd down. So he will not be able to improve the team like Bradford would be able too.

    Also we dont have a bunch of #3 and #4s out there. Avery is a nice threat and so is Laurant Robinson those are 2 #2's out there. Gibby is a good #3 cuz he got hops. And Danny boy is a needed receiver that is fearless.

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    Re: Bradford, Okung, Dez Bryant which would improve our offense the most?

    I think a good TE in our offense trumps any WRs. One of our guys will turn the corner with a solid QB who doesnt hear the footsteps, Bulger has just imo been ran down.

    The line will be solid (barring injuries, but we just signed a pretty good guy in Fraley)

    So my vote is Bradford he will start 1/2 way threw the season and again, the Rams will remember what its like to have a QB. If he checks out I believe he could be the real deal.

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