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He is only like Matheny in that he had an incredibly stupid injury that reflects quite poorly on his intelligence.

And if St. Louis really likes Matheny despite that injury that took him down before the playoffs, well, why is there such a double standard in how this market treats baseball players versus football players?
There is no double standard, the Cardnials were in the playoffs, A LOT different than the 6-42 debacle we have been putting out in the Dome.

And Matheny did a lot more for the Cardinals than one accident. I'm still not sure why you call him stupid, have you never had a freak accident before? I mean it was his birthday present, not like he was cleaning a deer right before playoffs.

Anyways back to the NFL and Brandon Marshall...

I don't believe you can just push his past aside, but that's exactly what it is, his past. I really do believe that if he was put in the right situation, he could get his life on track. Maybe I just have too much faith in people, but I think everyone deserves a second chance. After all like I said before, all the charges against him have been dropped, and as far as I am concerned he's innocent until proven guilty, that's how we roll in America, no?