By Gil Brandt Senior Analyst

(April 13, 2007) -- The 2007 NFL Draft is upon us.

You've read all the mock drafts. You've heard about all of the descending and ascending players. And, of course, you've kept up with all of our Pro Day updates (234 schools this year!).

There's so much important information for everyone to digest. But for a change of pace, here's some fun facts and figures about the NFL draft, which seems to get more and more coverage every year.

Who is the first quarterback ever drafted who played backup to two Heisman Trophy winners?
(Answer at bottom)

No. 1 tidbits ...

The first player selected in the 2007 NFL Draft will be the 22,086th player taken in NFL draft history.

Fifty-four different schools have seen an alumnus taken No. 1 overall in the draft. Two of those schools no longer play football -- the University of Chicago (Jay Berwanger, Philadelphia, 1936) and the University of Tampa (John Matuszak, Houston Oilers, 1973).

The No. 1 overall pick in the draft has been traded 13 times before or on Draft Day.

The youngest No. 1 overall pick was Alex Smith (20 years old). The most likely candidates to be No. 1 this year are JaMarcus Russell (21), Calvin Johnson (21) and Brady Quinn (22).

If Calvin Johnson is selected No. 1, he will become the first Georgia Tech player in history to do so.

If JaMarcus Russell is selected No. 1, he will become the second LSU player to achieve that honor (Billy Cannon, Los Angeles Rams, 1960).

If Brady Quinn is taken No. 1, he will be the sixth No. 1 choice in Notre Dame history, and the first since 1972.

The USC Trojans have the second most players taken No. 1 overall (five). It's the only school to have back-to-back No. 1 overall selections (Ron Yary, 1968; O.J. Simpson, 1969).

Team tidbits ...

There has been only two years when an Ohio State player was not drafted -- 1939 and 1998.

No Texas Longhorns were selected in the first two drafts (1936-37). At least one has been taken in each of the past 69 years -- the longest streak in the nation. Texas might have at least four players taken in the first two rounds this year.

The school with the most players taken in a single draft is Texas (17 in 1984).

Texas coach Mack Brown has seen one of his players get drafted in each of his 21 seasons as a Div. I head coach. (Tulane, 1985-87; North Carolina, 1988-97; Texas, 1998-present.)

Southern California has had the most first-rounders over the years (65), followed by Ohio State (63), Notre Dame (60) and Miami of Florida (58).

Miami (Fla.) holds the record for the most players picked from the same school in the first round of a single draft (six in 2004) -- safety Sean Taylor, tight end Kellen Winslow, linebackers Jonathan Vilma and D.J. Williams, offensive tackle Vernon Carey and defensive tackle Vince Wilfork. All were starters in 2006.

LSU has had 26 first-round picks in its history, including three in 1951. LSU could have three first-round picks this year -- Russell, LaRon Landry and Dwayne Bowe.

Eight Georgia Tech players have been selected in Round 1:

Year Player Overall pick Team
1945 Eddie Prokop 4 Boston Patriots
1955 Larry Morris 6 Los Angeles Rams
1963 Rufus Guthrie 10 Los Angeles Rams
1964 Ted Davis 8 San Diego Chargers (AFL)
1979 Kent Hill 26 Los Angeles Rams
1979 Eddie Lee Ivery 15 Green Bay Packers
1992 Marco Coleman 12 Miami Dolphins
1998 Keith Brooking 12 Atlanta Falcons

Although the Washington Redskins drafted UCLA halfback/defensive back Cal Rossi twice in the first round (No. 9 overall in 1946 and No. 4 in 1947), he never played in an NFL regular-season game.

Over the past decade, 2,522 players were drafted from 243 schools.

Over the past three years (765 selections) the leading conferences are:

ACC -- 17 percent (127)
SEC -- 15 percent (116)
Big Ten -- 15 percent (115)
Pac-10 -- 13 percent (96)
Big 12 -- 11 percent (86)
Big East -- 5 percent (40)
Mountain West -- 5 percent (37)
Conference USA -- 3 percent (26)
MAC -- 3 percent (22)
WAC -- 2 percent (18)
Sun Belt -- 1 percent (6)
Div. I-AA schools -- 6 percent (47)
Small schools -- 2 percent (19)

Other tidbits ...

The most popular surnames among NFL draftees over the years -- Smith 257, Williams 255, Johnson 235, Jones 203, Brown 188. Calvin Johnson and Steve Smith will increase those numbers on April 28.

Here's the most drafted positions over the past nine years: Wide receiver (294), cornerback (230), defensive end (207), safety (204).

Trivia answer

Matt Cassell backed up Carson Palmer (2002) and Matt Leinart (2004) at Southern California, then New England drafted him in Round 7 in 2005.