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    bruce4life's mock draft and free agency....


    I believe the rams will look into picking up a couple of lineman both on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Also you can see another TE and running back in the fix:

    damion macintosh(pickup out of miami)
    James Hall (Detroit)
    Dewayne White (Tampa)
    resign dexter coakley
    either sammy morris or stephen davis will be with this team next season...
    tommey polley( bringing back him from NO)


    Round 1)
    DE Amobi Akoye (Louisville)- this kid is only 19 and will be a stud for many years to come

    Round 2)
    OLB Lawrrence Timmons (florida state)- His stock will drop down to the 2nd round due to his poor combine

    Round 3)
    WR Steve Smith (USC)- everyone is counting out this guy... he will be a big time reveiver

    Round 4)

    Lorenzon Booker (florida state)- will be a solid backup like maurice morris

    Round 5)

    Ryan Smith (florida)- big time player who was the heart and sole of that team

    Round 6)

    Oscar Lua( USC)- solid special teams player that could pan out to a decent linebacker you never know

    Round 7)

    Stephan Berg (arizona state)- 7th round pick... another settersom hopeflly

    what do y'all think

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    Re: bruce4life's mock draft and free agency....

    This is very unlikely. Okoye might not even reach 13 now, and Timmons likely will not drop all the way to the mid-second round. I cant see the point of signing Polley and Coakley. You dont have us getting interior line help in FA, and McIntosh would likely want more then back up money at tackle.

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    Re: bruce4life's mock draft and free agency....

    Hmmm hopefully either Okoye or branch (U of M) will be there, Timmons I agree with you tomahawk, I'd love if he did pull the trigger for sure but, we are the 52nd pick I belive and I just don't see him dropping like that. FA I like Thomas, and although there are speculaters I think Allen from KC, I'm also thinkin Griffith from ATL and intrigued by the pac man for a 3rd rumor, I think it would also be a good risk, If nothing else think of the return game, and Haslett, and the FO could help the kid with the idiot decision making, structure a contract for things like penalties for DUi's or Night club shootings. I think these will be better than overpaying a hall or Kerney, I would careless if we do any of those if Jenkins really gets dropped from Carolina!

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    Re: bruce4life's mock draft and free agency....

    I like parts of the draft, but their is no way Okoye makes it past Washington in the 1st round, he has now passed Branch.

    I think the Rams will get James Hall, but still draft a DE, but not both he and White the market will be too expensive for both of them.


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