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    Bucs Suh or McCoy? Trade?

    Bear with me here cause I just like making up trade scenarios. Does anyone know if the Bucs are really favoring one of these monster DT and would be willing to jump ahead of the Lions to get either Suh or McCoy. If they are obsessed with one of these two would they be willing to jump to the 1st pick and get the DT they want and give us an extra pick?
    This would be amazing because we would probably still end up with Bradford but at a cheaper price. Also if someone were to trade up to the 2 spot to get him the other DT would still be there for us. Not a bad scenario just want some imput on if the Bucs are really interested in either in particular.

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    Re: Bucs Suh or McCoy? Trade?

    According to Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post: "I hear that the Tampa Bay Bucs prefer Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh over Oklahoma tackle Gerald McCoy but will be happy with either."

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    Re: Bucs Suh or McCoy? Trade?

    Taking Bradford at 3 wont be any cheaper than 1.

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    Re: Bucs Suh or McCoy? Trade?

    Quote Originally Posted by DE_Ramfan View Post
    Taking Bradford at 3 wont be any cheaper than 1.
    No but it nets us extra picks, and good ones too.

    I would still be concerned with someone jumping up and grabbing Bradford, but then I guess the Rams go to Clausen, or at that point should have the extra picks necessary to trade back up into the 1st and snag McCoy if they wanted.

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