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Thread: Capspace this offseason

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    Capspace this offseason

    Read this tweet earlier with a quote coming from Demoff.

    Mike Dietrich (@dvond) 10:25 PM on do, jan. 03, 2013:As per @kdemoff only 10 million total for resign's, draft picks and a very very limited free agency, looks like no big ticket WR.

    Now that's about the same as we started with last offseason. And some chunks can be gained at some spots (Wayne Hunter 2013 : 4M 2014 : 3M) but even there aren't many of those.

    Sam restructure into guaranteed money? But that wouldn't help this years cap if I'm right. Nick please feel free to jump in!

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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    I asked Demoff the same question during a chat on on 9th November and this was his response:

    As it stands today, once you factor in all of our projected draft picks, tenders and contracts, we will be about $7-$10m under the cap heading into next season. When we did the extensions for Laurinaitis and Long, we did not pro-rate their bonuses, we put them all into 2013. The same with Finnegan, we planned on taking a large hit in 2013. We could convert those roster bonuses to signing bonuses to free up more room, but I'm not sure that is the best approach given the youth of this team. The goal is to make sure that we have some room in 2013 and 2014 to make moves but that we also leave plenty of room in 2015 and beyond to keep all of the players we are drafting. It's great to be building our foundation but we need to plan for the next generation of contracts and leave plenty of room to do that.
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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    By letting Steven Jackson go and cutting Mikell we can free up 7 and 6 million respectively putting our total cap space to about 23 million. That would allow us to do a lot more in free agency, or if the prices are right resign Amendola and SJ39.

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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    Demoff noted that there are many ways to clear space if needed, so I think the "no big ticket WR" comment is premature. If the Rams think there is someone out there who can really make a difference, I'm sure they'll find a way to make it happen.
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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    Quote Originally Posted by Judaxi View Post
    By letting Steven Jackson go and cutting Mikell we can free up 7 and 6 million respectively putting our total cap space to about 23 million. That would allow us to do a lot more in free agency, or if the prices are right resign Amendola and SJ39.
    I wouldn't let them go, but certainly a restructure might be in order for someone like Mikell

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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    Maybe I'm missing something or maybe the contract extensions given to C. Long & J. Laurenaitis ate up more than expected; but weren't we talking here about a year ago that the Rams would have a lot of FA money to spend in 2013. Demoff's answer to British Ram may be the answer. I'm also unsure of the difference between a roster bonus and a signing bonus and how they are treated by the salary cap rules.

    I'm not a huge fan of spending big $ in FA. We got great value in William Hayes, but did we get all that we expected from C. Finnegan and S. Wells? Don't misunderstand, I think Finnegan and Wells were solid pick-ups, but I feel they provided more in terms of veteran leadership which has value too. And don't forget Trevor Laws who spent the season on IR, recognizing that he was not big $.

    So I think much will still play out before the FA signing period begins, I'm just surprised that we have as little cap space as noted.

    Go Rams!

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    Re: Capspace this offseason

    I might be wrong about this but from what I'm reading we maybe able to fee up around 10-11 million after we make some changes to contracts.

    By Jim Thomas

    With the signing of their eight practice squad players to the offseason roster this week, the Rams currently have 47 players under contract. According to figures filed with the NFL Players Association, those 47 players count about $119 million against the cap – a cap that is expected to be $121 million in 2013.
    The same goes with safety Quintin Mikell, who played much better this year than he did in 2011, registering 114 tackles, three sacks and forced four fumbles. But Mikell will count $9 million against the cap in 2013, including a $6 million base salary.

    As much as the Rams would like to re-sign running back Steven Jackson, they’d like to do so in a way that lowers Jackson’s current cap count of $8.9 million, which includes a $7 million base salary

    We have today 2 million to play with. When Demoff says we can get to 10-11 Million that's after SJax reworks his deal or leaves. SJax has not opted out yet and is under contract and his cost is $8.9 million against the cap. Quintin Mikell, also needs to rework his deal or leave.

    We are not sitting at 10 million today and can get to 15-19 Million. We can get too 10-11 Million and that money is ear marked to re-sign our guys first per Demoff.

    I would think these would make the list IMO but who knows.

    Danny Amendola
    William Hayes
    Rob Turner
    Jermelle Cudjo
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