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Thread: Casey Matthews

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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Casey Matthews

    Alright his blood line is obviuosly amazing. His only weakness is his size but look at Joey porter they are about the same size and Porter in his prime was a stud. So some are saying he could go as early as late first others say as late as the third. If he is available in the second do we grab him? I think he could handle switching to the outside. His coverage skills are great and he is an awesome blitzer. What does everyone think?

    Oh btw did he even declare? I read his scouting report but I could not find if he declared.

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    Re: Casey Matthews

    Well according to wikipedia, it's unknown whether he made declaration or not and he's played rather impressively in the BCS Championship. I'd love to have that pedigree on our team but he comes off as a luxury pick seeing that he's an ILB, though that talent is excessively well and I can see him having no problem in converting to playing in OLB. I just hope it doesn't put him in the Adam Carriker situation. (assuming we are to get him)

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    LaRamsFanLongTime Guest

    Re: Casey Matthews

    Linemen often have trouble converting to another side or position. The athletic ability of Matthews makes me believe he can make the transition to olb very easy.

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    Re: Casey Matthews

    He did play great in that game, but I don't think he has the natural atheltic abilities to be anything more than a special teams player in the NFL and maybe a 5th or 6th LB....

    just my opinion.

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    Re: Casey Matthews

    i must admit i`ve not seen a great deal of Casey so maybe others can tell if they think he would be good on the outside
    there is that certain thing about his pedigree tho..ya know i only have to hear an O-lineman is from Michigan or Wisconsin,a LB from Penn State or a Football player with the name Matthews and i`m atleast interested to have a closer look.

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    Re: Casey Matthews

    And he is also the younger brother of Clay matthews and son of Clay Sr.!!

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    tmbkb8 Guest

    Re: Casey Matthews

    I fear that the transition from inside to outside would be too great a challenge. He could definitely prove me wrong, but I think there are other players who are more well-suited to play the outside.
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