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    'Caught in the Draft': Rams build Super Bowl team

    Did anyone else happen to catch this show NFLN ran yesterday? The series is really well done and a lot of behind the draft stuff.

    The small part at the end was about the Rams 1994 players they ended up with.

    1994: A Day That Will Live in Infamy (April 30) Ė Against the backdrop of highly-touted quarterbacks Trent Dilfer and Heath Shuler jockeying for position, a verbal on-air spat between ESPNís Mel Kiper, Jr. and Indianapolis Colts general manager Bill Tobin, and the NFL becoming a year-round sport, the NFL Draft becomes the must-see event it is today. Additionally, players such as Kurt Warner, Rod Smith, Jeff Garcia and DíMarco Farr go undrafted. Features interviews with Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Bill Tobin, Trent Dilfer, Mel Kiper, Jr., Peter King and more.


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    Re: 'Caught in the Draft': Rams build Super Bowl team

    I saw that last night. It was interesting. I am not sure how the rest of the show went since it was the only clip I saw but seemed like they mismanaged their time. It had a lot of drama talking about Bruce and such and then like an unprepared college student giving his first speech ran out of time at the end and tried to shove all the info in a really short burst.

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