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    Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    The Chargers are entertaining the possibility of trading CB Antonio Cromartie this offseason, according to a league source.

    Cromartie, a first-round draft pick by the Chargers in 2006, posted an NFL-high 10 interceptions in 2007, but he has just five since.

    On Wednesday, Cromartie lost a grievance filed by his former agent, Jason Fletcher, in New York, according to a league source. NFL arbitrator Roger Kaplan was appointed to handle the grievance, and he awarded Fletcher at least $32,000 in back fees.

    Cromartie is now represented by Gary Wichard.
    What do you think the chargers will get for him?

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    Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    nothing from us he doesn't know the meaning of physical and thats how Spags likes his corners

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    Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    It's going to be tough to get a whole heck of a lot, since this is probably one of the most recent things on everyone's mind when thinking about Cromartie...

    YouTube - Antonio Cromartie WTF are you doing?

    People criticize the Rams for taking Tye Hill instead of this guy, but aside from one great season, he's not done that much in the league either at this point. Perhaps 2006 wasn't a good year to try getting a cornerback...
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    Re: Chargers look to trade Cromartie

    I think he is a solid cover corner. Maybe not much of a tackler but he is paid for INT's and coverage not tackles. Either way we wouldn't have much to give up for him. As they want a RB from what I hear. We have enough trouble looking for a 2nd RB.

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