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I don't know if the RAMS would even let LINEHAN trade next years picks if he might not be here and sattle the next coach with a sub- draft . i was all for trading back in rounds 2-3 for some extra late stuff , but only if we can staill target a needed differance maker . we all know the first 2 rounds have to be right on or we'll never hear the end of it and it might furthure damage the team , but i doubt it .
First, while Linehan was the guy making the picks, it's highly doubtful he was the one wheeling and dealing the picks. As a group they might have discussed trades, if he would be ok picking later, who were they targeting and where they could get him, etc, but he wasn't on the phone to other teams. Second, with Devaney, now he's certainly not that guy, and so they'll make a trade based on what's good for the franchise, not just Linehan. Don't worry about that.

There's always plenty of good talent in round 2 and 3 a little less so, but good enough by any means. We shouldn't worry about trading back, especially round 2, where we might be able to ransom it for a franchise QB.