What will make our team better. Another DT..and no outside pressure...or a speed rusher outside (See NYG Line)...hummm I am on the Gholston bandwagon. We dont need good effort at the 2 pick. We need a force to improve on 2.5 sacks from DE. with gholston here is how our defense will look:
DE VGholston DT Carriker DT Ryan DE Little (WOW!) Back up J HAll
LB- Piso LB- Will LB- Cuberson??
?=draft need but how easily can we go 3-4 w/VG
DB- TYE SS- Chavous FS Otagwe DB- Shephard (RAMS NEED TO GET THIS DONE)
with Bartell and Wade in dime and nickel
that looks menacing. With Long on the edge ..it looks competitive..i want to win...not just be the effort 3-13 Rams.