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    Weddle Guest

    Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    I've always quite liked McAlister and I'm not convinced that he's finished as a decent NFL corner now he's been cut. Anyone think he could do a job for the Rams? It's not like we have an outstanding secondary!

    *yes I know I seem to be calling for all Ravens! (Suggs, Scott, Landry, McAlister!)

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    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    The Ravens have had a good defense, so wanting to grab their players isn't bad. My bet is that he goes to Jersey/B to follow Ryan, though. Further, I don't want to pay his kind of salary unless we can't keep Bartell.

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    djdeeznutz Guest

    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    I say no to McAllister!

    Last year the Rams were the 3rd oldest team (can someone confirm this for me) and this year our objective is to get younger and rebuild. So i do not think we willl go after Chris McAllister who is i think 32.

    Honetly i think we will re-sign Bartell and Ricky Manning JR. And then thats it for a CB i dont think we will draft one or sign one.

    However if we do sign one it will be a taller less popular cheap Liegh Bodden. who is still in his 20s

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    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    McAlister has chronic knee problems and isn't the player he used to be. We can do better, IMO.

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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    tye hill
    jonathan wade
    manning jr
    justin king
    we WILL draft a cb, djdeeznuts, because we need to build for the future.
    all of those guys (outside of bartell) are injury concerns and none of them have shown to be an acceptable no. 2 corner of the future, yet.

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    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    We already have a player on our roster with multiple, recent season ending injuries.

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    Weddle Guest

    Re: Chris McAlister - worth a punt?

    Dre Bly has also been set loose.... is he an option?

    Being realistic about the situation, some areas of the team are going to need vets as we can't sign everyone in FA or the draft. An upgrade via a McAlister or Bly might give us a season or two to find someone while other areas - the run D, the lines, the pass rush etc... - get improved.

    If we plugged in McAlister/Bly opposite Bartell, it'd give King/Wade a experienced Pro-Bowler to learn from while they had time playing the nickel guy...

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