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    iStillBelieve Guest

    Clint Stintm

    Any chance he falls to the third round? Because I think he could be a great SAM linebacker. I see our perfect draft as:

    1. Aaron Curry MLB
    2. Sean Smith CB/S or possibly Michael Johnson if he falls that far (NOT Ron Brace...of course if we end up taking him I won't whine, but I realllly don't want him)
    3. Clint Stintm OLB and if he doesn't fall that far I wouldn't mind taking Herman Johnson if we feel he is capable of playing Right Tackle
    4. Ramses Barden WR

    And if you guys feel comfortable with Loadholt at RT, I don't see why Johnson would be any worse...He is bigger, only slightly slower, more versatile, less character issues, higher upside, better production in college, better value in the 3rd round instead of 2nd, aaaand 4 inch longer arms...also if he doesn't work out at RT he could be a very dominate guard (unlike Loadholt who has never played inside)

    If we can take Stintim in the third (little bit of a reach, I know) that could give us a great linebacking core.

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    Re: Clint Stintm

    Clint Sintim in the third? I think that's way to far for him to fall. Maybe he might make it to the second, but even thats doubtful.

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    jbell15 Guest

    Re: Clint Stintm

    It's Clint SINTIM, not clint STINTM.
    And, no he will probably not be there in round three, he could still go in the first.
    That draft is intriguing, but there is no way we go two rounds, let alone four rounds without getting an OT.
    I would rather take Curry, the an OT, then a WR, then a DT.
    But it's starting to look like were going OT in round one anyways.

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    Re: Clint Stintm

    Sintim wont even be there in the 2nd for us. The Patriots take him right before us in the 2nd.

    Where is the OL and QB picks in your mock???????

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    iStillBelieve Guest

    Re: Clint Stintm

    Yeah I made this after seeing him in the late second in one mock draft, and kind of got ahead of myself thinking "well if he can be projected in the late second, why couldn't he drop another 10 picks?" but yeah then I did some research on my own, and now I realize this thread is kind of useless.

    Well except for the Herman Johnson part. I really like him. And Sean Smith, because his 4.47 40 at 6'4 really intrigues me...a smaller, faster corner might pair better with Bartell, but with Hill and King on our roster I think Smith would be great. And if he doesn't work out at corner (or if we don't even bother trying him there) he could be a great safety.

    I just really like versatile picks, so in case they bust at one position they can still be very good at another...Johnson (RT--> OG), Smith (CB--> S), Curry (MIKE--> SAM), A. Smith (LT--> RT--> OG)

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