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Thread: Clowney vs Mathews

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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    Quote Originally Posted by Bald_81 View Post
    Absolutely true, however we've already seen other "scouts" say that Matthews might be better suited somewhere else along the line that isn't at LT so that's why it really peaks my interest. Some teams view him as a franchise LT, others a better fit on the right side, and apparently one at center? Lots of different takes.
    Yes, if they're all to be believed. Maybe they are, and maybe they're not. That's the beauty of the "anonymous scout's opinion" this time of year - you never quite know what you're getting.

    That being said, it will be interesting to see what his arm length comes in at. Short arms certainly aren't ideal for the position, but Joe Thomas and Jake Long have both proven that you can become outstanding pro tackles with sub 33" arms.

    I believe Jake's exceptional technique and understanding of the game will help him overcome what physical flaws he may possess, but again, I'll wait until the official measurements are in before putting too much thought into it.

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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambos View Post
    I agree with your overall premise not to the point where I would pull the tigger on Clowney yet still weighing all the options. But I like how you consider what he could provide if he plays up to his potential.

    Bradford impact using his projected production less the production of Clemens (Could Have Been) 4.38 points per game. Bradford had 14 TDs in 7 games on pace for 32. Clemens Had 8 TD in 9 games. That leaves 10 TDs or 70 points.. which is 4.38 per game. That puts us at 26.2 points a game. Not at all saying this is FACT or it's that simple just trying to project what Sam could have done. He was having by far his best year statistically, if I'm not mistaken he was third in the NFL for most TDs when he got hurt.

    Here is my concern, our O line played really well last year. There are just too many question marks now. Jake Long? Saffold? Wells? Dahal? Williams? On opening day we could have four new starters. That is a real concern for me at this point. Depth on the O line is also a real issue going forward for me. Until I see some of these questions answered I'm still leaning towards Mathews. That might change after free agency.
    Completely understandable.

    I however, am solely looking at the value of the pick when I say take Clowney at two. Which may not even be possible anyway, depending on Houston.

    To me, he is unquestionably the most dominant player in this draft when motivated and from what I've seen, there is no DE in this draft that is even close to him, at this point.

    Most don't agree with the pick because they believe he plays a position that is considered our strongest.

    To that I say "so what", we're still not a dominate defense so there's room for improvement at all positions, as far as I'm concerned.

    Not only that, but you can never have too many pass rushers in today's game, and especially one that is considered by some as a "once in a generation prospect".

    Having said that, I wouldn't be opposed to going defense with the 13th pick as well if we're again unable to trade down. Like many have mentioned, including myself, "Safety" is high on the list of needs.

    As for Jake Mathews, he is a fine prospect that will likely have a great career, but as I have said on many occassions, an Olineman has no chance, by virtue of his position, to have the impact that a similarly dominate DE can have on a particular game.

    Sure he can be dominant in his limited capacity, but he can not change the outcome of games by himself.

    Secondly, I know we have some questions to answer along the O-Line. But I'm figuring that by draft day, most of those questions will be answered. At least I hope they are.

    Most importantly, that includes re-signing Saffold and playing him at LT until Long returns. To do that, we'll likely have to part ways with Harvey Dahl and maybe often injured Scott Wells.

    Re-sign Chris Williams for LG, and hopefully Barrett Jones will be ready to man a starting position whether it be OG or Center. Depth can be found all over the draft and even in undrafted free agents.

    If we can't/don't re-sign Williams, there will be plenty of options in the draft on the 2nd or 3rd day.

    If all that happens, I see absolutely no need for an OT as early as pick 2.

    And finally, as for Bradford, I defy anyone here to claim they don't believe Sam Bradford is at least a 4 point a game upgrade over Kellen Clemens.

    Even I believe that, and I am no where near the Bradford supporter that most on this board is.
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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    I agree with you that we need a better free safety, but I think we also need better play from at least Janoris Jenkins.

    According to Pro Football Focus, out of the 79 cornerbacks that played half or more of their team's defensive snaps, Jenkins ranked 73rd in opposing QB rating allowed with 115.3. He allowed 7 touchdown receptions; only three corners allowed more last year. Opposing QBs completed 64.4% of their throws into Jenkins' coverage, which ranks in the 60s.

    These are significant declines from his 2012 rookie season, so honestly I wouldn't mind some competition at that spot. That's one reason why I think a CB has to be in consideration with the Rams' second first-round pick or their selection in Round Two.
    We definitely do need better play from JJ and Tru. But my point is that because of the weak link at the back end, our corners are having to line up way too far off the line of scrimmage. Quick slants kill them and there is nothing they can do about it because they don't have the safety help over the top. If we get a decent free safety and allow the corners to play proper ball, I think we will see Jenkins especially go back to the kind of year he had as a rookie. Basically, the corners weren't allowed to be anywhere near as aggresive, and it was frustrating to watch.

    Now i'm not saying we shouldn't bring in competition at corner, and we definitely need a nickel back to take over from Finnegan/Brandon McGee, but we need to let the corners we have actually get near the guy they are supposed to be covering.
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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    Quote Originally Posted by RealRam View Post
    Is it fair to come up with the 3rd option, a Clowney / Mathews "win-win case", i.e, either, or?


    Since the pros and cons for the Rams 1st overall pick are apparently so close and teams needs could perhaps give a slight edge to either rookie, then whether we go with Clowney, or Mathews, we get the best?

    Too difficult for me right now!
    How about we get both?
    we trade a few spots down to let a team take a QB-- Clowney still on the board- we take Clowney, Robinson and Lewan leap frog Matthews due to combine wow factor thereby letting matthews fall to us at 13...............

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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    Speaking of Matthews...

    Jake Matthews Would Embrace Opportunity to Play for Jeff Fisher
    STL Rams official website
    By Jonathan Webb
    Feb. 20, 2014

    Texas A&M offensive tackle and highly-ranked 2014 NFL Draft prospect Jake Matthews spoke about the potential of playing for Jeff Fisher, just as his dad, Pro Football Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews, did in the final eight seasons of his career.

    While addressing the media Wednesday in the first day of the NFL Combine, Texas A&M offensive tackle Jake Matthews briefly addressed the possibility of playing for Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher, who also coached his father, Bruce, in Tennessee.

    The younger Matthews is old enough to recall the latter years of his father’s career with the Titans, including Super Bowl XXXIV against the Rams. He gained occasional, albeit brief, interactions with Fisher during that time.

    “I knew him a little bit, not too well,” Matthews said. “Obviously, my dad played for him and he’s got a great relationship with him. I was just a kid running around while my dad was playing. There is that connection for sure, but I would love to play for him.”

    Matthews figures to be among the first offensive linemen chosen in this year’s draft, and with the second and 13th overall selections at their disposal, the 6’5”, 305-pound tackle could be available with the Rams on the clock.

    Matthews spoke about the notion of following in the footsteps of his father, who was elected the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2007 following an 18-year NFL that included 14 consecutive Pro Bowls. Bruce Matthews played under Fisher for his final eight NFL seasons, and was named to the Pro Bowl in each of those years, which included three All-Pro selections.

    Growing up in a third-generation NFL family as the son of one of the best to play his position, there was no shortage of instruction while Jake Matthews charted his own course for a future NFL career.

    “He was always encouraging, whether it was deciding where I wanted to go to college or whatever it may be,” Matthews said of his father. “Whenever you have a Pro Football Hall of Famer to help you figure out the position, it’s definitely beneficial to make me the player I am today, I believe.”

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    Re: Clowney vs Mathews

    I could think of very few draft picks that I've ever wanted as much as Matthews. Would love to see him in horns for a hopefully long and healthy career.

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