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Thread: Codeman Mock Draft

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    Codeman Mock Draft

    Sign OLB Erin Henderson (3 years 13 Million)
    Sign QB Josh Johnson (2 years 5 Million)
    Sign OT Anthony Collins (2 years 4.5 Million)
    Sign RB Justin Forsett (1 year 1 Million)
    Sign TE Matthew Mulligan (2 years 1.5 Million)
    Sign S Chris Hope (2 years 3.5 Million)
    Resign OLB Chris Chamberlain (2 year 1.5 Million)

    1.6 - WR Justin Blackmon (OK St) 6’1, 215
    What is there left to say. The best WR in the draft will instantly give the Rams their first number 1 wideout since Torry Holt. He has dominated in almost every game of his college career. He plays bigger than his size, and faster than his speed (4.46). He has good route running ability, with the ability to get better and is rarely ever caught from behind once he makes a catch. Has incredible balance and strength, and reminds me of T.O. when he gets the ball in his hands. Blackmon has unbelievable body control and can catch almost anything in his radius. His critics say that he can’t be elite in the NFL and that his future is to resemble Boldin or Nicks. Would you be disappointed in Blackmon if he was going into his fourth season with back to back 1000 yard seasons?

    2.1 - DT Brandon Thompson (Clemson) 6’2, 314
    A great DT prospect who can play on top of the center, with new DT Kendall Langford playing 3 technique. He is a great run stuffer who commands multiple blockers. Former Teammate Bowers credited Thompson for his high sack totals last year. He’s explosive off the snap, and can get a good bullrush pushing the pocket back, although pass rush isn’t his forte. He has great balance and strength. His ability to disrupt the offensive line and stop the run is exactly what the Rams have missed for years.

    --> Trade to NY Jets for 2.15 and 3.14 and 2013 4th rounder

    2.15 - LB Lavonte David (Nebraska) 6’1, 233
    Maybe the best 4-3 OLB in the nation, he is a tackling machine. I don’t think I’ve even seen him miss a tackle. He is very instinctive, and always around the ball. He has a lot of football intelligence, and rarely over pursues meaning when he is out of position, he always seems to be able to get back to the ball carrier and make the play. Is able to get through blocks. He has fluid hips to cover, and decent speed for a LB. He will need to gain 5-8 pounds and a little strength to help get off blocks against superior competition (which should be easy just from an NFL strength program).

    3.2 – WR AJ Jenkins (Illinois) 6’0, 190
    At this position the Rams will be waiting for some good players to fall into their lap. Unlucky to miss a chance on G Amini Silatolu, the Rams are very lucky to have an opportunity at AJ Jenkins. He is a very good player, accounting for more than half of his teams’ offense. One word to describe Jenkins would be smooth. His smoothness reminds me of Chad Johnson 5 years ago. He has great body awareness, ability to adjust to the catch, sideline awareness, football IQ, speed (4.39), and YAC ability. He will need to gain a bit of strength, learn a route tree and refine his routes, and gain a few more moves for getting off the line of scrimmage as he relies too often on just 1 or two moves. He is a Santonio Holmes, Chad Johnson, Victor Cruz type player. He easily fits into a WR2 slot and gives Bradford a dynamic receiver with a skill set he’s yet to work with, speed.

    3.14 – G Brandon Brooks (Miami of Ohio) 6’5, 345
    A monster of a guard, he would give the Rams a pretty good middle line with Wells and Dahl. He moves incredibly well for his size, and should have been invited to the combine. Powerful and athletic, he fits perfectly into a power running game.

    4.1 - RB Robert Turbin (San Diego St) 5’10, 222
    At this point the Rams have lost out on the best 4 running backs in the draft, but can’t complain because of the players they selected. Fast backs like Rainey and James may be there, and Marshall Faulk will be screaming for Hillman, but Turbin is the best back left. Averaging 6.1 yards a carry for 1517 yards and 19 TDs, and catching for 171 yards and 4 TDs he has produced as an Aggie. He is extremely strong, and surprisingly fast (4.44). Turbin runs with surprising elusiveness and a low center of gravity and finally gives the Rams young blood at RB. He is a faster and stronger version of Shonn Greene, and is better out of the backfield. The Rams get good value here.

    5.11 --> Rams trade 6.1 plus 7.2 and select DE Julian Miller (West Virginia) 6’3 256
    The Rams have a player they like and trade up to get him. Julian Miller is a good DE prospect who slips in the draft because of his lack of athleticism. He is good against the run, and plays with a nonstop motor. He put up good stats despite playing all over the line, even putting in time at DT and NT in 3-4 sets. Having a staple of capable DEs is never a bad idea, especially when this one can move inside on passing downs.

    7.C – P Shaun Powell (FSU) 6’4 235
    Powell led the nation with 47 yards a punt. He is a monster punter with a monster leg. He gives the Rams a good young punter and an ability to move on from Jones at a much better price.

    * Green is drafted, Blue is signed in free agency, Bold is on 53 man roster, Non-Bold is roster bubble
    QB – Bradford, Johnson, Brandstater
    RB – Jackson, Turbin, Forsett, Porter, Reynolds
    FB - Miller
    TE – Kendricks, Hoomanawanui, Mulligan, Guidugli, Cosby, McNeill
    WR1 – Blackmon, Salas, Gibson, Curry, Chiles
    WR2 – Jenkins, Alexander
    WR3 – Amendola, Pettis
    LT - Saffold, Mckee
    LG – Brooks, Mattison, Hughes
    C – Wells, Barnes
    RG – Dahl
    RT –Smith, Collins, Welch
    RDE – Long, Miller
    LDE - Quinn, Sims
    DT – Langford, Thompson, Scott, Cudjo, Banks
    ILB – Laurinaitis, Hull
    OLB – Henderson, David, Chamberlain, Cole
    CB – Finnegan, Fletcher, Murphy, Marquis Johnson, Gordy, Ness, Burney, Jackson, Smith
    S - Stewart, Mikell, Hope, Dahl
    K – Brown
    P – Powell
    LS – McQuaide

    * WR that are safe – Blackmon, Amendola, Salas, Jenkins
    * WR fighting for 2 spots – Alexander, Pettis, Gibson, Curry (if Pettis has a preseason like last year he won’t be playing for Fisher)
    * Other options to sign for Backup QB- Kellen Clemens
    * 4-8 backup players on the roster will come from other teams’ roster cuts, the practice squad, round 7, and UDFAs (Those players will play - RB, FB, OLB, DE, OG, OG/T, TE)
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    Re: Codeman Mock Draft

    Thats a lot of freakin tight ends. Scott Linehan's dream scenario
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    Re: Codeman Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by cfh128 View Post
    Thats a lot of freakin tight ends. Scott Linehan's dream scenario
    Hahaha. I do like tightends, but I don't think that's very many. Mulligan would be just a blocking TE that knows Schotty's system, and that would be only 3 TEs really. Most teams have 4-5 because they are good for special teams since they have a good size and speed mixture.

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