It's funny how fans who don't know any better are screaming for a QB with passion who tries to rally his team. Who cares if Tebow is a good "leader" and yells at his team on the sideline. He cannot throw a spiral, lacks accuracy and pocket presense and will not be able to play under center in a non-wildcat offense. Fans who don't like Bulger liked this asset in Boller, and in my opinion Boller is a much better option at QB than Tebow (and this experiment has already shown to be a failure). The NFL is extremely faster than the NCAA and and mobile quarterback is useless unless he can stand in the pocket and be a threat to pass on every down. Boller looked good running when he came in relief because teams did not gameplan for him. Simple halftime adjustments to spying him outside of the pocket make him look like the average quarterback he is.

Tebow should not be taken with any pick before the 5th round, and the only team who I believe will actually take him before this would be Jacksonville (just to sell tickets).