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    The ComBUSTibles: One Wild Receiver Class

    There are so many receivers in this draft who have first round talent, and yet it seems like we're seeing a string of self-detonations as they find new ways to lower their own draft prospects.

    Malcolm Kelly might have been considered the top talent in this draft if not for his injuries. Then he ran poorly, and instead of owning up to it, sniped at his conditioning coach because of a last minute change of venue at the scouts' request. Now he is adding character concerns to the already troubling speed and injury concerns.

    DeSean Jackson is another player who should have figured at or near the top of the class despite his puny 169-pound frame. He has raised some concerns with his me-first attitude, and then we found out he had served a drug suspension. Granted it was only marijuana, but he has probably done enough to make his draft position wobble if not fall.

    James Hardy's domestic abuse charge, though dating back to 2006, is still troubling and a completely avoidable hit to his image and draft status.

    Mario Manningham had a black mark in his past. We all knew he had been suspended for breaking a team rule at one point, but then he had to increase the damage by lying about. He sent a letter of apology out to the teams, much like Claude Wroten did a couple years ago. In Wroten's case, supposedly a first round talent "only" fell to the third round. It remains to be seen how bad this is going to be for a sensation like Manningham, who turned one in five catches into a touchdown.

    Limas Sweed's stock, too, may be in peril because of concerns about his wrist, though thankfully he wasn't responsible for that damage, unlike so many of these guys.

    The biggest beneficiaries of all this should be Devin Thomas and Early Doucet. Thomas, a junior college transfer with only one big year to his name, may now be considered the top receiver in the draft. Early Doucet is more likely to go in the late first or early second round but looks positively sterling in comparison to the other comparable talents. Teams may be more willing to overlook the 4.55 forty (not so good for a guy who was a deep threat in college).

    I'm actually warming up to the idea of Early Doucet as our second round pick. According to the Sporting News, he caught 96.7% of the balls thrown his way in games their scouts graded. If true, that's pretty impressive. He's tough enough to go over the middle, and he has the right combination of vision, quickness, and strength to pick up yards after the catch whether by breaking or avoiding tackles. He has good size and good strength. He supposedly plays faster than he was timed at the Combine and Pro Day, which seems to beg the question as to whether he's all the way healed up. In a number of places, I've seen comments that even when Dwayne Bowe and Craig Davis were on the field, Early still sometimes looked like the best player on the field. He is a legitimate big play threat who projects well to the slot, and so far he hasn't pulled any bone-headed moves like the rest of these guys at the top.

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    Re: The ComBUSTibles: One Wild Receiver Class

    Don't worry about Sweed's wrist, it's fine.

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    Re: The ComBUSTibles: One Wild Receiver Class

    Like TX said, I think Sweed will be fine. Hes the player most people on the boards are looking at for WR.

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    Re: The ComBUSTibles: One Wild Receiver Class

    I doubt Sweed falls, even if his wrist isn't 100%, now that everyone else is falling.

    As for Doucet, you have to take combine/pro day number with a grain of salt and focus on what they did in college. Kinda like how Manningham was a deep threat all through college and then he ran kinda slow at the combine. Their speed only matters when they have the pads on. Give me a 4.6 guy that runs faster than a 4.4 guy in pads any day. Sure, he'll go against faster guys in the NFL, but both Manningham and Doucet should still be deep threats in the NFL.

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