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    Consensus Draft Service Mock Draft - I like this one

    Round 1 Last Updated: Thursday, March 30th, 2006

    Texans PICK#: 1
    There have been numerous reports about the Texans possibly looking to trade down from the coveted number one spot, but most agree that Reggie Bush will ultimately be a Texan come draft day. There is still a possibility, however, that a team like the New York Jets could make a deal with Houston for this pick, especially if the Jets can acquire another high pick for disgruntled DE John Abraham. Other reports indicate that Houston may be targeting DE Mario Williams, but that is likely a smokescreen. If the Texans do deal down, they would most likely take OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson, who could solidify the weakness at LT. Reggie Bush’s pro day isn’t until April 2nd, so there is no reason to believe he won’t be the number one pick when it’s all said and done. When talking about Reggie Bush, there is not much negative that can be said. His highlight reel runs and big-play abilities are special. The 2005 Heisman Trophy Winner has shown unbelievable open-field running skills and WR-like hands. Some question his size and durability because USC has featured another first-rounder, LenDale White in the “carry-the-load” role. I completely disagree with those people. For a guy who has had almost zero history of injury, Bush’s durability gets questioned a whole lot. His size? At 6’0 and 200 pounds, he is the same weight as Tiki Barber and an inch taller. I have seen Reggie Bush run inside, and just because he shares the backfield with another special HB does not mean he isn’t a complete player. Besides, in Houston he would share the load with Domanick Davis and/or Vernand Morency anyway.

    ALSO CONSIDER: trade down for OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson
    Click Here for Reggie Bush's player profile Click Here for the Texans' 2006 Team Needs
    Saints PICK#: 2
    The recent Drew Brees signing indicates that the Saints will not take Matt Leinart or any QB early on in the draft. Brees, who has been a consistent performer over the last two years in San Diego, could help propel the Saints to the playoffs. At pick two, the Saints will likely entertain many trade offers, and the most likely scenerio is a trade down to four with the Jets, who are reportedly interested in Leinart. Whether or not they trade down and get the extra picks, the Saints will target the same guys at two that they would at four. A.J. Hawk and D'Brickashaw Ferguson are both possibilities for New Orleans, but the projection right now is Mario Williams, as he is probably the best non-QB prospect on the board at this point. Although the Saints have DEs Will Smith and Charles Grant slated to start, Williams may be too good to pass up, especially after losing Darren Howard to the Eagles in free agency.

    ALSO CONSIDER: A.J. Hawk, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, trade down for Hawk, Ferguson, or Williams
    Click Here for Mario Williams's player profile Click Here for the Saints' 2006 Team Needs
    Titans PICK#: 3
    The Drew Brees signing effects the Titans almost as much as any team in the draft, as they will have a lot of different scenerios to consider. First, they may want to move up one spot to ensure they get the QB they want, and that might mean a bidding war with the Jets for the number two overall pick. Second, they may have to make a tough decision if both Matt Leinart and Vince Young are on the board, given that both QBs have connections with the organization. Titans QB Steve McNair has been a mentor to Young, while offensive coordinator Norm Chow coached Leinart to a national championship at USC. In the end, if both are available at three, the Titans would likely grab Leinart, who is as polished a QB as we've seen in a while. Although he lacks top-notch arm strength, Leinart's size, poise, leadership, accuracy, and touch make him an even better prospect than Carson Palmer was at USC.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Vince Young, D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    Click Here for Matt Leinart's player profile Click Here for the Titans' 2006 Team Needs
    Jets PICK#: 4
    Chad Pennington will remain a Jet and there are rumors about Patrick Ramsey coming to New York in a trade. However, the recent Drew Brees signing is an indication that the Saints may shop the number two overall pick, and the Jets could be trade partners if they really like Matt Leinart. Also, Vince Young may end up being available to them at four, and he would definitely at least be considered. John Abraham may land them another first rounder, which could be used to deal up. Remember, the Jets could move up to number one OR number two and take Reggie Bush or Matt Leinart at either of those spots. However, after cutting Jason Fabini and Kevin Mawae, the Jets should focus on the offensive line, and D'Brickashaw Ferguson would be a smart pick at four. After dominating at the Senior Bowl, the Long Island product has solidified himself as an elite LT prospect. If not for the star power at the top of the draft, D-Brick may be looking at a top three selection. Blessed with incredible athleticism for a man his size, Ferguson has nimble feet and good technique, especially in pass-protection. The scary thing is that he still could improve his strength and get better as a run-blocker. If Ferguson was in last year's draft, he may have been the number one overall pick, which shows you how talented the top of this draft really is.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Jay Cutler, Mario Williams, Vince Young, trade up for Bush or Leinart
    Click Here for D'Brickashaw Ferguson's player profile Click Here for the Jets' 2006 Team Needs
    Packers PICK#: 5
    The Packers are apparently enamored with DE Mario Williams from NC State, but it is looking like he may be off the board by the time Green Bay picks at five. With a huge need at OLB, A.J. Hawk would be a perfect fit to help a subpar defensive unit. A.J. Hawk is a beastly linebacker prospect who may be the first defensive player selected come April. He combines good speed and instincts with insane tackling production. He is one of the most complete linebacker prospects since LaVar Arrington, and will immediately bring an Urlacher-type nastiness to the Packers defensive persona. His knack for making the big interception at Ohio State is also a plus.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Mario Williams
    Click Here for A.J. Hawk's player profile Click Here for the Packers' 2006 Team Needs
    ***** PICK#: 6
    The Niners have to look at LB help, but they recently re-signed Derek Smith, and with the release of CB Ahmed Plummer, the secondary may be the area of greatest need at this point. Michael Huff is a versatile prospect, having played all four secondary positions at Texas. Huff was a strong safety as a senior and took home defensive-player-of-the-game at the Rose Bowl. At the combine, he ran an impressive sub-4.4 forty, proving that he has the speed to be a CB at the next level.

    ALSO CONSIDER: A.J. Hawk, Mario Williams, Vernon Davis
    Click Here for Michael Huff's player profile Click Here for the *****' 2006 Team Needs
    Raiders PICK#: 7
    Although the Raiders should probably focus on a defense that has been less than solid since their Super Bowl run a few years ago, Al Davis and company may be staring at some tempting players at seventh overall. Not too long ago, there were rumblings around the draft community that the Texans should consider drafting hometown kid Vince Young. After his incredible performance in the biggest game of his life, Vince Young was on top of the world, garnering high praises from everyone, including ESPN’s Lee Corso, who said Young was the greatest college quarterback ever. Now, the Rose Bowl probably seems like it was years ago for Vince Young. The Wonderlic situation makes for good conversation, but when it comes down to it, scoring low on this test probably will not effect where Young is drafted as much as trades at the top due to the Saints signing Drew Brees. Reportedly, Young’s latest score was a sixteen, which is better than the fifteen Jim Kelly scored when he took the test. Donavon McNabb took the wonderlic twice and scored a twelve and a sixteen. As a football player, Vince Young is a Michael Vick-like prospect with better size, durability, maturity, and leadership qualities. The Raiders would be an ideal destination for him, as Randy Moss could probably make Young look good early on in his career. If the Raiders are high on Andrew Walter, Young could slip all the way to tenth to Arizona, but that is unlikely.

    ALSO CONSIDER: A.J. Hawk, Mario Williams, Michael Huff, Haloti Ngata, Vernon Davis, Jay Cutler, trade up for Leinart or Young
    Click Here for Vince Young's player profile Click Here for the Raiders' 2006 Team Needs
    Bills PICK#: 8
    The Bills have been quiet during free agency thus far, and their main needs remain at left tackle and defensive tackle. The new defensive scheme favors quick, penetrating DTs, and although Haloti Ngata of Oregon boasts a massive frame, he is a lot quicker than you'd expect. Not merely a space-eater, Ngata's lack of statistical production can be attributed to the attention he's receieved from blockers over his career, specifically last season. Constantly being double and triple-teamed, Ngata, who could play NT in a 3-4 defense, could make an impact early on, specifically in run-stopping.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Michael Huff, Winston Justice, trade up for D'Brickashaw Ferguson
    Click Here for Haloti Ngata's player profile Click Here for the Bills' 2006 Team Needs
    Lions PICK#: 9
    Detroit at nine is one of the more difficult projections in the first round. The Lions don't have any obvious huge holes, but could use help in the secondary. With the acquisitions of Jon Kitna and Josh McCown, it is doubtful they look QB here, but there is always still a chance. Vernon Davis might be the highest rated value at nine, but it is difficult to imagine Matt Millen going with another pass-catching weapon after using his last three first round picks on WRs. Tye Hill has boosted his stock and would be a good pick for Detroit. Hill ran the fastest 40-yard dash time of any prospect at the combine, and plays as fast as his time. A great postseason has put Hill into the early mid-first round mix and he may go higher than expected come April. On the field, Hill lacks ideal bulk, but has good coverage skills and the ability to step up in run support as well.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Michael Huff, Vernon Davis, Jimmy Williams, Winston Justice
    Click Here for Tye Hill's player profile Click Here for the Lions' 2006 Team Needs
    Cardinals PICK#: 10
    With Edgerrin James aboard in Arizona, the Cardinals may look at defense with this pick. However, if Jay Cutler falls to ten, Denny Green and the Cards may have a hard time passing up on him. With Josh McCown leaving in free agency, Arizona has little to look forward to in the future at QB, assuming Kurt Warner can't play forever. Cutler has seen his stock rise steadily throughout his senior campaign at Vanderbilt where he’s had little success in terms of winning percentage, more so because of the lack of talent he’s had than his own performance. Throughout his career in the tough SEC, Cutler displayed poise and leadership, competing against big-time teams and producing well versus top college defenses.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Vernon Davis, Winston Justice, Haloti Ngata, Brodrick Bunkley, Jimmy Williams
    Click Here for Jay Cutler's player profile Click Here for the Cardinals' 2006 Team Needs
    Rams PICK#: 11
    The Rams will look to improve a weak defense throughout the offseason, and if they can find some help in free agency, like they did with the recent signing of DT LaRoi Glover, they may be able to use this pick on their only offensive weakness, TE. Vernon Davis is probably the best TE in the draft and combines incredible athleticism for a TE with good hands and tremendous upside. A workout warrior who posted mind-boggling numbers at the combine, Davis could add another weapon to an already explosive core of skill players, including Torry Holt and Steven Jackson. The Rams have gotten little out of their TE’s in recent years, and Davis has pro bowl potential. Some think Davis has propelled himself into the top ten, and he may be considered, but it is doubtful that any of the teams one-through-ten need a TE enough to take him that high.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Jimmy Williams, Chad Greenway, Manny Lawson, Tamba Hali, Mathias Kiwanuka, Tye Hill
    Click Here for Vernon Davis's player profile Click Here for the Rams' 2006 Team Needs
    Browns PICK#: 12
    No team has made as many strides towards improvement as the Browns have in free agency this offseason. Having sured up the offensive line, the focus most likely will shift to defense come draft day, and although Willie McGinest was brought in, another pass-rushing OLB is still needed, as evident in the interest the Browns have shown in LaVar Arrington. Also McGinest is aging, and what better way to groom a future 3-4 OLB star than with one of the best tutoring him. Manny Lawson, who ran a stunning 4.41 at the combine, has boosted his stock immensely since the end of his senior season. Lawson is the ideal 3-4 OLB prospect with great pass-rushing skills and athleticism. At NC State, Lawson lived in the backfield, collecting nearly 20 tackles for loss as a senior. A sleeper pick here might be a HB, where Cleveland may like DeAngelo Williams or Laurence Maroney to be the lightning to Reuben Droughn's thunder.

    ALSO CONSIDER: DeAngelo Williams, Laurence Maroney, Tamba Hali, Brodrick Bunkley, Chad Greenway, Haloti Ngata
    Click Here for Manny Lawson's player profile Click Here for the Browns' 2006 Team Needs
    Ravens PICK#: 13
    The Ravens still have questions at QB, but Kyle Boller will likely get another shot to prove he's the guy this season. At HB, Jamal Lewis will be back and Mike Anderson was added in free agency as well. The defense is probably what will be focused on with this pick, and a defensive lineman would be a good choice at 13. Brodrick Bunkley, a big DT out of Florida State, has enjoyed a stellar postseason in which he propelled his stock all the way up to possibly the top 15. Bunkley is a guy who came on strong during his senior year, and has the strength and athleticism to wreak havoc in opposing backfields in the NFL.

    Click Here for Brodrick Bunkley's player profile Click Here for the Ravens' 2006 Team Needs
    Eagles PICK#: 14
    The Eagles could use another WR, and they may pull the trigger on Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes with this pick. Jon Runyan was re-signed, but with no DT’s worth the 14th overall pick, the Eagles could look to add youth and depth to the offensive line. Andy Reid prefers to solidify his lines in the early rounds of the draft, and Winston Justice is a versatile and athletic OT prospect who could fill in at LT or RT in the NFL.
    Click Here for Winston Justice's player profile Click Here for the Eagles' 2006 Team Needs
    Broncos PICK#: 15
    Moving up to 15 in the Abraham deal, the Broncos are probably eyeing a few players they wouldn’t be able to land at 22. Some believe it’s a HB, such as USC’s LenDale White, despite the success Mike Shanahan has had with lower-profile mid-round HB’s. However, there is a chance the Broncos actually covet one or both of the first-round WR’s, Chad Jackson or Santonio Holmes. In this projection, it’s Jackson- who had an impressive showing at the combine, solidifying himself as a surefire first-round pick. Jackson’s game has little weakness, as he was used mostly as a possession receiver last year at Florida, and has now shown he can definitely stretch the field as well.
    Click Here for Chad Jackson's player profile Click Here for the Broncos' 2006 Team Needs
    Dolphins PICK#: 16
    With Daunte Culpepper now aboard, the Dolphins continue to improve their up-and-coming team and will look to make a playoff push next season. Nick Saban and the Fins might want to look at the secondary with this pick, but the recent signing of CB Will Allen may be indication that they’ll look elsewhere. Culpepper will need some weapons outside of Chris Chambers, and the Dolphins could be a scary passing team if Santonio Holmes is added. Marty Booker is getting older, and lacks the ability to make big-plays, which gives opposing defenses the chance to focus their attention on Chambers. Holmes could help free him up, as he is probably the most dangerous vertical threat WR in this draft. Holmes runs good routes and has great hands, but lone weakness, his size, may cause his stock to drop. But, with the recent success of shorter WR's in the NFL, such as Carolina's Steve "Superman" Smith, a team like the Dolphins may look past his 5' 11” frame and give Holmes a chance to shine.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Chad Jackson, Tye Hill, Johnathan Joseph, Jimmy Williams, Winston Justice, Ernie Sims, Chad Greenway
    Click Here for Santonio Holmes's player profile Click Here for the Dolphins' 2006 Team Needs
    Vikings PICK#: 17
    After dealing Daunte Culpepper, the Vikings may look to add a young QB somewhere in the draft, but after the big three, there is no one worth the 17th pick. There is a slight chance that Jay Cutler falls to 17, but that is doubtful. Minnesota is in decent shape with little in terms of position needs after adding Chester Taylor, but could look at OLB or safety with this pick. Ernie Sims ran a blazing 4.4 40-yard dash at the combine and may rise up the board higher than most expect, and could go as high as 14th overall to Philly. If Seattle matches the mega-contract the Vikings offered to OG Steve Hutchinson, the Vikings could be in the market for an offensive guard, and perhaps would deal down and grab one at the bottom half of the round.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Chad Greenway, DeMeco Ryans, trade up for Cutler or Young
    Click Here for Ernie Sims's player profile Click Here for the Vikings' 2006 Team Needs
    Cowboys PICK#: 18
    It will be extremely interesting to see how T.O. does in Dallas, and whether or not Bill Parcells can keep him under control. T.O. had problems with Donovan McNabb, so Drew Bledsoe will have to step up his game to keep the big-mouthed star happy. After also solidifying the K position with Mike Vanderjact, the Cowboys filled another need, and will focus on OT, LB, or FS with this pick. In this projection, Jimmy Williams of Virginia Tech makes sense to team with Roy Williams as a FS in Dallas. Williams has the speed and coverage ability to play CB at the next level, but some believe he can best use his size at FS, and could be a star there. Williams can hit, and he and Roy Williams would make the middle of the field an unwanted crossing zone for opposing WR’s.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Winston Justice, Chad Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Donte Whitner, Chad Greenway
    Click Here for Jimmy Williams's player profile Click Here for the Cowboys' 2006 Team Needs
    Chargers PICK#: 19
    San Diego will start a new era with Phillip Rivers taking over for Drew Brees at QB. They could maybe look at one of the two first-round WR’s here, but with both off the board, they may be best off focusing on a secondary that has been a weakness the last few years. Jason Allen has shown that he’s recovered from injury, and was playing like a top 20 pick before he went down. 19 may be considered a little high, but some believe Allen, a ball-hawking cover guy, is one of the most talented secondary guy in the entire draft. Allen is versatile, having played both CB and S at Tennessee, and would probably get a shot at FS in San Diego.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Winston Justice, Eric Winston, Santonio Holmes, Chad Jackson, Tye Hill, Johnathan Joseph, Donte Whitner
    Click Here for Jason Allen's player profile Click Here for the Chargers' 2006 Team Needs
    Chiefs PICK#: 20
    The Chiefs recently cut CBs Dexter McCleon and Eric Warfield, and CB and WR are probably their biggest needs. If Jackson and Holmes are off the board by 20, Johnathan Joseph would be a good pick-up. Johnathan Joseph, one of the faster players in the entire draft, came out early as a junior from South Carolina. Some value him as a second rounder, and the Chiefs may go with Ashton Youboty or Antonio Cromartie here instead. However, Joseph has good athleticism, and is a ball-hawk, having grabbed four picks in 2005.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Ashton Youboty, Tye Hill, Jimmy Williams, Antonio Cromartie, Chad Jackson, Santonio Holmes, Brodrick Bunkley, Manny Lawson, Mathias Kiwanuka
    Click Here for Johnathan Joseph's player profile Click Here for the Chiefs' 2006 Team Needs
    Patriots PICK#: 21
    The Patriots are in a great situation to land their HB of the future with the 21st pick in the draft. With the Ravens, Vikings, and Cardinals all having solidified their HB need, the Pats may have to choose from White, Williams, and Maroney here. In this projection, it’s White, a powerful back with extremely deceptive speed and nice tackle-breaking ability. He can also catch out of the backfield and has been stellar throughout his career for USC, including a three-touchdown performance in the Rose Bowl.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Manny Lawson, DeAngelo Williams, Laurence Maroney, Bobby Carpenter, Chad Greenway, Tye Hill, Richard Marshall
    Click Here for LenDale White's player profile Click Here for the Patriots' 2006 Team Needs
    Broncos PICK#: 22
    Mathias Kiwanuka had a poor showing at Senior Bowl practices, and did not play in the actual game because of injury. His stock has slid some, and while he may be taken in the bottom half of round one, his potential as a pass-rushing beast is still undeniable. The Broncos have two middle picks in the first round thanks to a couple of trades, and they will focus on improving the defensive line, WR, safety, OL, and possibly TE. Kiwi is probably the premier boom-or-bust prospect in this draft, and failed to improve his stock much at the combine.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Leonard Pope, DeAngelo Williams, Laurence Maroney, Tamba Hali, Joseph Addai, Donte Whitner
    Click Here for Mathias Kiwanuka's player profile Click Here for the Broncos' 2006 Team Needs
    Buccaneers PICK#: 23
    Tamba Hali is as complete a DE prospect as there is in the draft, and mixes good pass-rushing skills with the ability to stuff the run as well. Hali had an impressive senior campaign and solidified his first round grade with a nice week at the Senior Bowl. The leader of a special Nittany Lions defense, Hali has no real weaknesses, except elite timed 40-speed- which is probably overrated anyway, and could be a starter from day one in the NFL. With Simeon Rice aging, Hali could one day take over for the sack-artist, or at the very least provide some depth.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Chad Greenway, Ernie Sims, Bobby Carpenter, Mathias Kiwanuka, Eric Winston, Marcus McNeill, DeMeco Ryans
    Click Here for Tamba Hali's player profile Click Here for the Buccaneers' 2006 Team Needs
    Bengals PICK#: 24
    The Bengals recently signed safety Dexter Jackson from Arizona, and will likely look at DT with this pick. However, with no DTs worth 24th overall, the Bengals may want to go with a TE, and Leonard Pope could fit in well with the explosive offense in Cincinnati. Pope impressed at the combine, running decently for a man so huge. A huge red-zone target, Pope’s size makes him an attractive option because of his potential to become a solid blocker in the running game.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Brodrick Bunkley, Mathias Kiwanuka, Tamba Hali, Marcedes Lewis
    Click Here for Leonard Pope's player profile Click Here for the Bengals' 2006 Team Needs
    Giants PICK#: 25
    After adding a bunch of pieces in free agency such as Sam Madison, R.W. McQuarters, and Will Demps, the Giants are building upon an already decent defense. Rumors of LaVar Arrington going to New York could directly effect what the Giants use this pick on, but if they can't get the ex-Redskin, OLB would probably be a good way to go. It has been stated previously on this mock draft, and it is looking like it is going to be true: Chad Greenway’s inability to shed blocks makes his situation similar to former Texas LB Derrick Johnson, who dropped to the teens last year after being projected to be a top pick early on. Greenway is a nice prospect, but after his somewhat slow showing at the combine, he is beginning to drop a bit, as predicted before on this mock draft.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Ernie Sims, Bobby Carpenter, Eric Winston, Sinorice Moss

    Click Here for Chad Greenway's player profile Click Here for the Giants' 2006 Team Needs
    Bears PICK#: 26
    The Bears might want to add a TE or secondary-help with this pick, but OLB is also a need and Bobby Carpenter would look nice alongside Brian Urlacher in Chicago. Carpenter was injured in his senior season at Ohio State and was also overshadowed by teammate A.J. Hawk. Carpenter is a tough, speedy LB with good size. The Patriots and Steelers are two other teams that will probably look at Carpenter, who could fit in inside or outside in the 3-4 defense.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Leonard Pope, Marcedes Lewis, Bobby Carpenter, Ernie Sims, Ashton Youboty, Antonio Cromartie, Jason Allen, DeMeco Ryans
    Click Here for Bobby Carpenter's player profile Click Here for the Bears' 2006 Team Needs
    Panthers PICK#: 27
    Marcedes Lewis’ stock has dropped some because of Pope and Davis declaring as juniors, but he still probably carries a first-round grade. The Panthers have tagged DeShaun Foster, and still have Eric Shelton waiting in the wings, so HB may not be a need. They may look for another WR such as Chad Jackson, but Lewis could provide many WR-like-qualities to the TE position. Lewis sometimes looks like a WR with his receiving skills and frame. He has always been the best pure pass-catching TE in this draft, and his improved blocking and superior seam-stretching ability put him near the top of the TE class, despite lacking ideal top-end speed.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Bobby Carpenter, Chad Greenway, Ernie Sims, Leonard Pope, Domonique Byrd
    Click Here for Marcedes Lewis's player profile Click Here for the Panthers' 2006 Team Needs
    Jaguars PICK#: 28
    Rashean Mathis is an up-and-coming star for the Jaguars who boast one of the NFL’s best front sevens. However, with Brian Williams slated to start opposite him, CB is an area of need. At 28th overall, CB Ashton Youboty of Ohio State would be a good pick-up. Youboty is another one of those Ohio State CBs who is perceived as raw and somewhat inexperienced. Like former Buckeye Chris Gamble, who is now starting for the Panthers, Youboty could be a steal at the end of round one if he continues to develop.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Ernie Sims, Bobby Carpenter, DeMeco Ryans, Johnathan Joseph, Antonio Cromartie, Leonard Pope, DeAngelo Williams, Laurence Maroney
    Click Here for Ashton Youboty's player profile Click Here for the Jaguars' 2006 Team Needs
    Jets PICK#: 29
    The Jets have a lot needs, and this pick could be used for a variety of positions. Some possibilities are Nick Mangold, a DE, or even an OT if they can’t get D-Brick at fourth overall. There still is a chance this pick will be New Orleans’ or Houston’s, as the Jets could still maybe deal up for Leinart or Bush. With Curtis Martin aging, if any of the first-round HB’s fall to 29, the Jets will at least consider them. In this projection, it’s Memphis’ DeAngelo Williams, whose running style is actually similar to Martins. Williams was a special player at Memphis, racking up tons of yardage and touchdowns despite playing behind a questionable offensive line. Impressive at the Senior Bowl, Williams is considered by some as the number two back in the entire draft. While talented, we believe that questions about toughness and mileage may hurt Williams, who sat out versus Tennessee late this year.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Laurence Maroney, Ashton Youboty, Mathias Kiwanuka, Nick Mangold
    Click Here for DeAngelo Williams's player profile Click Here for the Jets' 2006 Team Needs
    Colts PICK#: 30
    The Colts biggest need is HB after losing Edgerrin James to the Cardinals in free agency, but there is still a chance that Manning and company decide not to add a first round runner and go with back-up Dominic Rhodes or a later-round pick. However, if Laurence Maroney falls to them at 30, it will be extremely difficult for the Colts to pass him up. Maroney, one of the more overlooked players in the draft, has good speed, deceptive power, and excellent vision. He can catch out of the backfield and has produced monster numbers behind a good Minnesota offensive line, despite sharing the load with other talented backs, such as the Cowboys Marion Barber, throughout his career.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Joseph Addai, Ernie Sims, Max Jean-Gilles
    Click Here for Laurence Maroney's player profile Click Here for the Colts' 2006 Team Needs
    Seahawks PICK#: 31
    Darryl Tapp is a perfect Tim Ruskell pick for Seattle. Although Grant Wistrom and Bryce Fisher are solid starters at DE, third-DE Joe Tafoya is probably best suited as a special teamer and depth is needed. Tapp lacks ideal size, but has a non-stop motor and plays with great intensity. Here is a guy who gets it done on the field without ideal measurables, something the Hawks overlooked when they “reached” for Lofa Tatupu in the second round last year. Tatupu turned out to be the steal of the draft, and while some may consider Tapp a reach at the end of round one, the Seahawks wouldn’t care.

    ALSO CONSIDER: DeMeco Ryans, Jonathan Joseph, Richard Marshall
    Click Here for Darryl Tapp's player profile Click Here for the Seahawks' 2006 Team Needs
    Steelers PICK#: 32
    With Antwaan Randle El headed for Washington, the Steelers may want to address WR early in the draft. However, there is also a need at HB with Jerome Bettis retiring and questions about whether or not Willie Parker can completely carry the load for a smash-mouth, power team. Joesph Addai will not last long into the second round if he is not drafted in the first after his impressive showing at the combine, and the Steelers are the ideal team for him to go to. Addai is a complete back who has good speed, power, and the ability to catch the ball and pick-up the blitz. Of course, do not rule out a young linebacker or even help in the secondary, with safety Chris Hope a free agent.

    ALSO CONSIDER: Bobby Carpenter, Nick Mangold, Sinorice Moss, Maurice Stovall

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    I love that pick too! VERNON DAVIS! Link please.

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    Consensus Draft Service Mock Draft - link


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