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Thread: Contracts

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    Re: Contracts

    Quote Originally Posted by Bralidore(RAMMODE) View Post
    Post like these is why we get the regular "SAME OLD RAMS" threads poking up everywhere, people choose to jump on something without thinking it through and end up looking like a jackarse....

    Actually, i did think about it you jackarse.

    Yes, the market for back up qbs may be the 3 mill a year,


    For LT I would rather have taken null as the backup qb and put the money towards feeley for LT. Maybe he would never of come, maybe the rams contacted LT and tryed doing this anyway. Its a thread in MARCH thats what these threads are supposed to be about!! Moot points that are all hypothetical, jackarses.
    Now if the rams are planning to draft a rb in the first 2-3 rounds then thats a different story.

    And to the "posts like this" jackarse (since that is acceptable) - Responses such as yours are why fans end up not coming back ( trust me, im not leaving though) because they make a post then have to deal with 10 different people who obviously have 10 different views and get chewed out for it.

    There is a way to disagree, and a way to call someone a "jackarse" and pretend like they know more than someone else. Dont let arrogance get in the way reality. Jacks.

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    Re: Contracts

    Excuse me, did I at some point launch a personal assault against you? Did I throw out insults or thinly veiled curse words?


    Since the answer is no I must ask...why are you doing the same to me...and everyone else here? See, you used the word in its plural form, referring from the tone of your post and the style of your writing to everyone who disagreed with you.

    Aside from finding this post extremely rude and uncalled for, I also find that you essentially ignored several posts that disagreed with you. If you were in fact not directing your post at everyone, you should have pointed it out in your above post.

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    Re: Contracts

    Ok folks, everybody pull it down a notch. Thanks.

    It's frustrating times, but let's not get all caveman on each other.

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    Re: Contracts

    I agree... you all need to settle down.

    Here's my biggest problem with your argument. If I were to assign a value to LT as a potential Rams' signee, I'd set it at $0.00.


    Because the Rams really don't need a 30+ backup RB who has demonstrated that he no longer has the quickness that once made him a feature back.

    There will be RBs available in the 3rd or 4th round of the draft who can fill the role of Jackson's backup more effectively, and for less money, than LT.

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