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    Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    Does anyone have an opinion on him? He is one of the biggest DEs in the draft and had a serious knee injury in 08 I think.
    Hes not real fast 4.9 or something at the combine, but hes big and strong, and could possibly swing inside at the DT spot on passing downs like Spags likes to do.

    Any thoughts?

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    thickandthin Guest

    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    all I know is I wouldn't use the 33rd on him, if we got a trade down with the Browns I might use one of the later 2nds on him.

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    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    He was widely projected to be a first round pick before the injury...that's about all I know of him though.

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    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    i think he should play End in a 3-4 in the me another Carriker type. i dont know the kid that well could be wrong..thats just what i automatically think when i see him.

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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    Im not very impressed by the guy. A fourth rounder flyer? Definetely depending on who we've already drafted. 33rd pick, no freakin' way in hell.

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    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    Never even heard of him. No way a top of the 2nd round pick. We're taking a guy who slips out of the first round there, a current 1st round talent, not a former one. Now, if you want to talk later in the draft, maybe. Then again, if he';s a Carriker clone, I'd rather keep AC and see what he can do healthy for Spags.
    I believe!

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    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    I agree he's a possible second round pick; I projected him as our second rounder in a mock a couple of weeks ago. I think his value is better later in the second round, but he may be one of the better ends available in round two if there is (as expected) a run on DL in the first. Unless there are some major medical flags, I think he probably comes off in the second or third round at the latest.

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    Flipper336 Guest

    Re: Corey Wootton DE possible 2nd pick

    I would love to get him at 65, but I think he will be gone by then. 33 is to early, because of the injury,but if we trade down a bit in the second I would be very happy with the pick.

    The kid is tough and played on a knee he should have been resting. He showed an obvious loss of burst at the start of last year. He did improve in that respect as the year went on.

    His 40 was a 4.9 Nothing great
    Vertical- 32, not bad at all, shows some explosion
    Broad- 9, same
    Short shuttle- 4.28 this is a great time
    3 cone-7 flat, this is very quick
    These last two show me he is getting his burst back.

    The injury is a concern, but it is an injury that has a history of taking two full years to recover from. He has shown he can play on it, and shown improvement on it.
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