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    keith m. klink Guest

    could we trade , and still land LONG. NO

    there are some interesting jump offs to the draft 100 and a few days away . for starters , the concensus seems too be for the most part , DRAFT CHRIS LONG . i agree totally .or DRAFT JAKE LONG . i do not agree ( unless in the next 100 days , PACE RETIRES, BARRON gets traded. then and only then would i concider JAKE ) but look at the draft setup , the players , needs and , so far , who lost or is losing who . the RAIDERS just lost SAPP . are they looking to go FA . or is a trade up for DORSEY IN THEIR PLANS , HHHMMM . but wait , MCFADDEN would add the franchise back that has been really lacking since ole MARCUS ALLEN was running the show . and besides the RAIDERS maybe thinking thoughts , what about the other teams that could think that this is the once in a decade player that they need . teams like : the RAIDERS - jordan , maybe , but not really - fargas , maybe not .
    BRONCOS- who , next please.
    FALCONS- i like dunn, but he's getting beat up, love norwood, but.
    CARDINALS-this could be the better version of EDGERIN. scarry .
    TEXANS - now, this would be a scarry team, no-one wants to play
    LIONS - it is an awesome player like this that brings championships

    AND then their is this thought that i just don't want too hear . THE SEATLE SEAHAWKS . shaun alexander is slowing , and depending on his contract status , this kid would be the ultimate weapon to bring seatle over that playoff hump for a long time too come . so this is my thoughts as of today , but many things will change , and some by tomorrow.

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: could we trade , and still land LONG. NO

    Chris Long has been our best choice for a while now. I dont think things will really change there...


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