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    Crabtree opts to have surgery early...

    Adam Schefter

    Texas Tech’s Crabtree opts for surgery on left foot
    Posted: March 1st, 2009

    A running story since the NFL Scouting Combine now involves no running.

    After initially intending to try to go through his pro day, Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree changed his mind this weekend and opted to have surgery on the slight stress fracture in his left foot.

    “After thorough consideration and discussion with my advisers and doctors, I decided to have the surgery rather than risk any further injury,” Crabtree said in a statement. “As a competitor, I wanted to run at my pro day, but it became clear that the best thing for me is to have the surgery and be ready to get on the field as soon as possible.”

    Renowned surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson will perform the procedure on Crabtree on Wednesday in Charlotte, N.C. Crabtree will have a pin inserted in his left foot and is expected to be sidelined for 10 weeks.

    Any NFL team that drafts Crabtree next month won’t be able to clock him in the 40-yard dash before selecting him. A team will draft — and invest millions in Crabtree — before getting the chance to see him run. However, teams do have enough game tape to make an informed decision, and it’s on those tapes that Crabtree shines.

    But the running story now will shift from whether Crabtree should run at his pro day to how much his decision to have surgery will impact his position in the draft.

    Initially, Crabtree was viewed as a surefire top-five pick and arguably the best player in the draft — someone who could easily go to the Seattle Seahawks with the No. 4 overall pick. But teams now must decide whether they are willing to draft a player without watching him work out at the combine in Indianapolis or at his pro day on March 26.

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    Re: Crabtree opts to have surgery early...

    Good decision on his part. He has nothing to prove IMO. Scouts and coaches have seen enough film. Still probably gonna get drafted by Seahawks if they don't sign T.J. Or worst case scenario he fall to #7 to Oaktown( I guess thats always worst case scenario if Oaktown is sitting there) so he might lose some of that Gauranteed $.

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    Re: Crabtree opts to have surgery early...

    I like this...

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    Re: Crabtree opts to have surgery early...

    It will take a GM who is very secure in his job to draft Curry in the Top 10 picks. He could be the best player in the draft, or he could be a college/system player who will fizzle as a pro. Without the benefit of even a 40 time, its anyone's guess.

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