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    jason Guest

    Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    Which one should the Rams take at 11 or trade down and get later in the draft? I think they should take Cromartie at 11. He is rising up draft boards and if u trade down u could be risking someone else taking or moving up for him. I put him over Williams b/c of Williams attitude. I actually would strongley consider Hill over Williams.

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    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    I don't know about Cromartie that early; I mean he did miss last season because of a knee injury right? He didn't get a lot of time as a starter in college, and he's not going back for his senior year. It just strikes me as a pretty risky selection that early in the draft.

    I'm not wild about Jimmy's attitude, but even if he seems a bit cocky or arrogant that doesn't necessarily mean problems. If he believes he can be one of the best, that could actually make him more willing to work with coaches to improve his game. He has speed, size, strength...right now, he'd definitely be my preference at #11.

    Classic case of the devil you know over the devil you don't.

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    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    If the rumours about Jimmy Williams running a 4.37 at his pro day are true then we might not even see him at 11, but i wouldnt mind grabbing him or Ngata first round

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    Rip32 Guest

    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    Cromartie and Williams would both be fine but I am still holding on to a little hope that Huff will fall but that hope is shrinking

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    Jdub fo sho!

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    RamJackson39 Guest

    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    Trade Down and snag a SLB

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    serkicker32 Guest

    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    Quote Originally Posted by jason
    I put him over Williams b/c of Williams attitude. I actually would strongley consider Hill over Williams.
    I completely agree, we dont need a head case on our team, we had enough of that with Turley, which is exactly who he reminds me of, a cancer in the locker room.

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    Re: Cromartie,J.Williams,orTy Hill

    I've been away, so I dunno if this was posted or not...

    NCAA | Cromartie has strong showing at Pro Day
    Thu, 16 Mar 2006 23:25:04 -0800

    Jim Lamar, of the Palm Beach Post, reports Florida State CB Antonio Cromartie dazzled NFL scouts at his Pro Day workout Thursday, March 16. Cromartie, who did not play during his junior season because of a knee injury, ran times of 4.36 and 4.41 seconds in the 40-yard dash. Cromartie also turned in a 42-inch vertical jump. At least four NFL head coaches attended the session — Tom Coughlin (Giants), Romeo Crennel (Browns), Lovie Smith (Bears) and Scott Linehan (Rams).


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