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Thread: Currently, who are the Top 3 Wide outs on your draft board?

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    Re: Currently, who are the Top 3 Wide outs on your draft board?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZiaRam View Post
    Ya that is kinda with us not bringing back Danny to be estimate, get a younger cheaper option? Although that does hurt me saying that.... I really don't think we'll bring back SJ or DA. Anyways, there are some many options for us right now to plug up some holes and not by doing it half arse either! This is without a doubt my favorite FA/Draft period we've had in many a moons.
    The more I think about it, if Danny wants to be difficult and ask for more than he deserves, let him walk and draft Tavon Austin.

    Austin has way more potential and dont forget his only obvious flaw is size, which in turn leads to injury. However, the guy knows how to not take big hits and he is definately not injury prone. I'd rather take the younger, cheaper guy with way more potential who is not injury prone, over the more expensive guy who is great when he manages to get on the field(which isnt enough).

    Austin-Cheap, Higher ceiling, Outstanding playmaker, Small frame which MIGHT get worn down.

    Amendola-Expensive, Older, Has a good connection with Sam, Playmaker and a potential game changer but can't stay on the field due to injury.

    Taking Austin over Amendola would give us anywhere from 4-8 million extra in cap space.

    Take your pick.

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    Re: Currently, who are the Top 3 Wide outs on your draft board?

    I'll go ahead and give you my Top Five...

    1) Cordarrelle Patterson (Top 15)
    2) Keenan Allen (Top 25)
    3) Tavon Austin (Top 25)
    4) DeAndre Hopkins (Late 1st-Early 2nd)
    5) Justin Hunter (Early-Mid 2nd)

    I think Patterson has separated himself with his impressive athletic ability. Some would argue he has Julio Jones potential, just without the experience. He's certainly not a sure thing given that a lot of it depends on him honing his craft, but the raw tools are there.

    To me, Allen remains the #2 wide receiver on the board over Tavon Austin because of his ability to play consistently on the outside. Austin might be the more dangerous weapon in the open field, but I feel like Allen has the potential to be the more consistent one, if that makes sense. Where as Allen is probably more of a plug and play receiver who could fit existing offenses, I suspect Austin's success is going to depend heavily on the coaching staff generating a variety of ways to get him the ball in space. But there's no question he's dangerous and I think will be a difference maker on a team that knows how to use him.

    Hopkins is an intriguing one. He's not the best athletic, certainly not the fastest or the biggest, but he does a lot of the little things well. I think the one-handed catch video that's circulating the 'net may cause some people to overrate his catching ability, but he'd be a good compliment across from Chris Givens. Not sure he makes it to the Rams' second round pick, but then again, many felt the same way about Rueben Randle last year, so you never know.

    I think Hunter was a guy who was losing some ground and got a much needed shot at the Combine by posting some impressive numbers. I think he would benefit from adding about 10 pounds or so to that frame, but at 6'4", he's running a sub 4.5 and besting the field at the Combine in the broad and vertical jumps. He has the tools, but could really benefit from a strong receiving coach to get the most out of his game.
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