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Thread: D-Line help

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    jsramer Guest

    Question D-Line help

    How many D-Linemen do you guys feel we should either draft or sign as undrafted free agents to ensure we have solid depth for the active roster and practice squad?

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: D-Line help

    Just draft one. Mark Anderson from Alabama. THe guy is a monster!

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    Re: D-Line help

    We need at least one DT, if not two. I wouldn't mind seeing us get another DE too.

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    serkicker32 Guest

    Re: D-Line help

    We need a DT and a DE in the first 4 rounds. We might have our starters but we have NO depth at the positions and IMO the d-line needs the most depth. We also need to probally sign another DE for compition.

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    Re: D-Line help

    I think most teams carry about 5 DTs, so one more would probably be sufficient. If we pick up another DE, it probably ought to be someone with the size and strength to play effectively in the 3-4 if we're going to use that formation with any great frequency. Grady Jackson is the only free agent DL out there right now that I'd really want to bring in, and I doubt he fits our budget. So it looks to me like the additions will have to come from the draft.


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