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    Day 2 Pass Rush Sleepers

    Here are a few guys who should be there on Day 2 of the draft, as they don't have Day 1 measureables, but have demonstrated the ability to get to the QB. I think the Rams need to load up on pass rushers, so I'd give theses guys a look:

    Anthony Hoke, OLB, Cinncinnati
    He is 6'1, 230 lbs. and had 13.0 sacks last year. Could be a good situational guy, particularly in a 3-4 set.

    Nick Reed, DE, Oregon
    Academic All-American and 11 sacks in the Pac-10. Not a bad combo. He's another 'tweener at 6'2, 255 lbs.

    Joe Clermont, DE, Pittsburgh
    10.5 sacks for the 6'5, 260 lbs. Not a speed guy, but good effort and motor.

    Hilee Taylor, OLB, North Carolina
    Good size (6'3, 242 lbs.) and production (10.5 sacks). Another potential 3-4 role player, and also a possible SLB prospect.

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    Re: Day 2 Pass Rush Sleepers

    I like Hilee Taylor as a potential replacement for Chillar. Although admittedly this is based off a highlight video from youtube...

    How is he in coverage though?

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    Re: Day 2 Pass Rush Sleepers

    I definitely think we should look to pick up at least 2 of these guys regardless of whether or not we pick one up on day 1.

    You can never have too many pass rushers in a rotation. (See NYG).

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    Re: Day 2 Pass Rush Sleepers

    I disagree with Smizz in that we need to grab two, however, with the situation of our LB's and DE's, I think if we can grab one who is quick enough to play the Sam in certain situations and maybe bulk up to play a 4-3 DE(Reed, Clermont and Taylor all fit that bill, and maybe just maybe Hoke, but he'd need time) I think that could be very good. 3-4's not a guarantee, so we need to look at 4-3 personnel still. Strahan did just fine at 255, still having the strength to bull rush, but was also quicker off the snap.

    I'd be quite happy to come away with Reed or Taylor as my two guys from that four.

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