Judging by the preliminary stages of AV's DECISION 2007 thread, it seems that Amobi Okoye, with a grand total of 47/47 possible choices, is the consensus choice for the Rams this offseason.

I'm not sold yet.

It's all opinion based at this stage, but I like Branch and Probably Carriker over Okoye at the moment. All three worked out well. Branch said all the right things in interviews. I have heard little from Okoye or Carriker, so i can't give the nod either way.

Branch seems to be the best immediate fit for the system. Carriker has the potential to be either a DT or a DE in the NFL, and has rare athleticism. Okoye is 19. I understand, 'maturity...experience' yada yada, but don't you think that 19 is almost too young? He will need time to grow and prosper in the system. Will Branch or Carriker? Chances are yes, but I'm betting it will take them less time.

I've heard the criticism. But don't you think it's just a tactic? Teams talk about how lazy a guy is to scare other teams away from drafting him and then do so themselves? Will anyone buy into the 'smokescreen' theroy?

Don't ask me why. It's just a hunch.

Can someone hit me with the cold, hard facts, pertaining to why Okoye is a better fit?