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    Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    As the draft heads up I'd go defense on 3 of the 1st 4 picks. Even as bad as things were, the Rams offense can figure out ways to score, but can't stop people on D.

    I'd go best LB/CB with 1st pick (even if LL isn't available I think Hargrove plus a signed Fisher would do, if Fisher leaves and LL is not around then DE goes here also).

    2nd pick I'd go best OT/OG on the board

    Two 3rd picks I'd go with the LB/CB/DE not chosen in the first round.

    So my preference would be:

    1. CB
    2. OT/OG
    3. LB (and assume a vet LB is also signed)
    4. DE

    The other upside of going CB in the 1st is that you assume that person can play special teams at a high level.

    Low picks I'd go back to offense (TE, OG/C) with maybe a DT thrown in.
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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    Not too bad. I'd pick offensive tackle in the first round if Barron or Brown are available. If not, best CB/LB available. In Round Two, I think we can get good OT/G value there as well, and then whichever defensive position we didn't address in the first round, take with the first third round pick. Good strategy, ramhard.

    Welcome to the 2015 Rams Draft Class

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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    I like your thinking ramhard. You have nailed the priorities of this Rams team and, at this point, your list makes good sense. Of course free agency, Little's legal problems and a host of other factors will weigh in before Draft day; but, as of now, this is the way the Rams should go.


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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    Perfect approach!! Hopefully we'll see this happen on April 23rd & 24th!

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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    ok lets get real guys here is how the rams are going to draft...i guarnetee it...

    1- te
    2- lb
    3- qb ( to convert to a cb)
    3 - k
    4 - og
    5- ot
    6 - cb



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