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    Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    As the draft heads up I'd go defense on 3 of the 1st 4 picks. Even as bad as things were, the Rams offense can figure out ways to score, but can't stop people on D.

    I'd go best LB/CB with 1st pick (even if LL isn't available I think Hargrove plus a signed Fisher would do, if Fisher leaves and LL is not around then DE goes here also).

    2nd pick I'd go best OT/OG on the board

    Two 3rd picks I'd go with the LB/CB/DE not chosen in the first round.

    So my preference would be:

    1. CB
    2. OT/OG
    3. LB (and assume a vet LB is also signed)
    4. DE

    The other upside of going CB in the 1st is that you assume that person can play special teams at a high level.

    Low picks I'd go back to offense (TE, OG/C) with maybe a DT thrown in.
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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    Not too bad. I'd pick offensive tackle in the first round if Barron or Brown are available. If not, best CB/LB available. In Round Two, I think we can get good OT/G value there as well, and then whichever defensive position we didn't address in the first round, take with the first third round pick. Good strategy, ramhard.

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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    I like your thinking ramhard. You have nailed the priorities of this Rams team and, at this point, your list makes good sense. Of course free agency, Little's legal problems and a host of other factors will weigh in before Draft day; but, as of now, this is the way the Rams should go.


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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    Perfect approach!! Hopefully we'll see this happen on April 23rd & 24th!

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    Re: Defense.. Deeefeeennnsseeeee - say it loud

    ok lets get real guys here is how the rams are going to draft...i guarnetee it...

    1- te
    2- lb
    3- qb ( to convert to a cb)
    3 - k
    4 - og
    5- ot
    6 - cb



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