No matter what happens this season--a rash of injuries, trades in the offseason, etc.--defensive end will be a big need for '07 and into the future.
I am sure that coaches Scott Linehan and Jim Haslett will scour the SEC and elsewhere to find the best DE's out there. Little is getting up there for a D-End and Hargrove is more of a pass rush specialist, although against Denver he looked improved.
We have to find a complete DE who's good vs. the run and the pass. That kid from Auburn, and those players from Clemson and other SEC places (names escape me now) should suffice for 2007 and develop him into a starter by '08.

Other needs are obvious like Center and O-Guard. Setterstrom should be fine, but more depth is needed somewhere in the 3rd-7th rounds. Another OT should be necessary in the 4th-6th rounds. Free safety and strongside linebacker are other clear needs for our defense, likely a second-round choice for free safety or Linebacker and a third-rounder for the other need. Both will be nice competition for Atogwe and Chillar next offseason.
We are fine for now at QB, WR, RBs, OTs, DTs, weakside LB and MLB, along with CB and SS. Pisa "Hawaii 5-0" Tinaisamoa (sp.) should be resigned by Rams front office. He was mentioned as a key player by Linehan right about when he was hired, remember? He'll be back, our cap numbers shouldn't be outrageous. Our veterans like Frerotte and Chavous are signed for 3 years or so.