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    DeMarcus Tyler: "Rams spoke highly of me."

    DeMarcus Tyler Blog

    Training and the Senior Bowl
    2007-01-31 17:26:28

    After the season I took a couple of agent visits to choose my agent. After that I began working out here in Atlanta with Chip Smith at Competitive Edge Sports. We have a routine here. For the warmup it's quick agility where we do alot of leg warmups. Then we do resistance work with cords. After that we have a clock shifting and we react to the shifting of the clock. Next we do our lifting. We do upper body on Monday, Thursday and Friday, then we get weekends off. I went to Mobile for the Senior Bowl on Sunday. As soon as we got there we had a number of I.Q. and psychological tests. We filled those out, then about three hours later we were able to check into our rooms. After that we got to meet our coaches and have a team meeting. I was exhausted after that. I went to bed and woke up the next morning in time for us to go back in and get our equipment. At the weigh-in I came in around 6'0"- 6'1", 322 pounds. We practiced later that day. I hadn't played since November so I still had a little rust on me, but I still did pretty well. I was going against the best offensive lineman they had, Ryan Kalil, the center from USC. I went against him the whole time I was there. He was pretty good. I also went against Dustin Fry and we battled the whole time I was there as well. The first day I did pretty good. The second day I was still a little rusty. The third day I was starting to get my moves back. Strength wise I was strong and was able to apply my strength. That was a good practice. By the time we took the pads off on Thursday, I was feeling pretty good. At the game the weather was terrible. It was cold and rainy. The game was alright but we still lost. I met with almost every team at the Senior Bowl. Alot of teams really liked me. The Rams, Dolphins, Chiefs, and Saints spoke very highly of me. I had a good relationship with those guys. I liked all of the teams and they all spoke highly of me.

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    Re: DeMarcus Tyler: "Rams spoke highly of me."

    Interesting. He's could be a good second rounder.

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    Re: DeMarcus Tyler: "Rams spoke highly of me."

    Right now, I don't think he's there for us in the second round and he doesn't present good value in the first. The Rams may have spoke highly of him, but whether it's a rise or a fall in stock, I believe something's going to have to change in order for the Rams to consider him a realistic option with either pick.

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    Re: DeMarcus Tyler: "Rams spoke highly of me."

    16 you are a web searching master. How do you find this stuff?

    Tank Tyler might just be excited right now and our scouts may not be real honest in their communications with the potential players. It's hard to say what the Rams interest in him is at this point.

    Tyler scored pretty low on his SATs, but his writing abilities look alright if that blog was written by him.

    Do you like him 16?

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    Re: DeMarcus Tyler: "Rams spoke highly of me."

    He is not a good value at 13 and will be gone by pick 51 so this probably is a non issue unless the Rams go for a massive trade down.


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