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    Re: Despite Combine Non-Performance, Crabtree is Growing On Me

    I think Jimmy Johnson said he never got excited about a draft pick. He formulated (or assisted or used or held, covering my bases here) a table and said every draft pick has a slotted value. Period.

    Thus the case with Crabtree. Yes, he's a great college WR and it's a definate need for the Rams. Circumstances seem to dictate that maybe the O line needs more protection as WR can be had in a later round where the O line talent is top heavy in this years draft. There won't be options in Round 2 that are equivalent to Round 1 for O line but I do believe there will be options at WR in Round 2 that would suffice.

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    Re: Despite Combine Non-Performance, Crabtree is Growing On Me

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    When you think of it it's a perfect fit considering a few things:
    a. We will now be running at least a version of WCO which needs this type of receiver.
    What type of receiver is that? The Philly mantra since Andy Reid took over has been essentially ignoring the WR position for a strong defense and offensive line. So, Crabtree is a mid round value receiver? TO(not drafted) and Desean Jackson are exceptions, not the rule. They work with what receivers they can get, not a specific kind of receiver.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    b. We struggled to score points and to remain on the field when we got to 3rd down.
    Yes indeed, but will one receiver, no matter how good make us that much more dependable on 3rd down? What will he do on 3rd and short?

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    c. We are short of proven, solid recievers and lack the money to go after the big names ex. T.J. whosyamomma
    You know who else was short of proven solid receivers? Tennessee, Baltimore, Miami and Philly. All Playoff teams.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    d. Guys this talented DO NOT come around often, so if we have a chance to draft him (much like we did in 1999 with Torry Holt) then it is a solid move considering the numerous holes we have on our team/we might as well draft the best available player and move on from there. Keep in mind that Crabtree is #1 on almost everyones value boards in the draft.
    Really? Just who is everyone? Considering that most mocks I saw even before the combine had him no higher than 4th, I would ahve to say that's false.
    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    e. I'm a curry fan to since I've seen him in action while I worked near Wake Forest, but he projects to be a OLB and we do not need that. We forced a fit with Carriker and we are still suffering because of it.
    Yes, he played primarily SAM at Wake, however he also played MLB and coverage and pass rusher as well. He projects to any and all LB spots from the scout reports I've read. Maybe his best position is SAM, but he can certainly MIKE it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    f. After the disaster that was Andre Smith in the sideline (who I said after the SEC championship game was overrated and people laughed at me), and after the sub-par performances of the other lineman (Oher, Monroe); there is no need to draft a lineman this high now. We can find a perfectly servicable steal in the 2nd round at this juncture.
    Oher had a sub par workout, I'll give you... but Monroe had a very good drill portion and only had a slightly sub par lifting session. If he throws up 30 at his pro day, it'll completely erase the combine. Monroe is still very much worth a top 2 pick if Smith is gone. And what if Smith is still there, is the value still not there for OT?

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    g. We struggled on offense last year I could give you all the numbers and the averages but that would be pointless at this time. Yes part of it was the O-line but the group as a whole improved towards the end of the year and we still struggled offensively, and say what you want about a Stephen being hurt & lacking a TE (after Randy was injured AGAIN), but we all know that a huge part of it was the play of our WR's (failing to make blitz adjustments, poor route running, etc).
    You could say the same things about our OL too. They failed to make blitz adustments and had poor pass and run blocking. If our line held up against even regular pass rushes maybe our QB would have had time to make the throws to the WR's. They can't catch the ball if the ball can't make it to them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    h. Torry is likely gone today or tomorrow, at this point in time he looks like he's 36 years old on the field. He lacks burst, he's starting to drop balls, he lacks break away speed now. It's obvious that the knee surgeries have affected him horribly. This is sad because we are from the same area, and I love the guy.
    Yes. Marvin Harrison was not worth his deal for the Colts, and Torry is the same here. They've both shown themselves to be on the swift decline and I am sorry to say that it's time to show him the door.

    Quote Originally Posted by ManofGod View Post
    In today's NFL you need atleast 3 WR's and if you give me Crabtree, Avery, and Burton in the slot.....tell me that's not a potentially explosive combination.

    In the end I suppose "potentially" is the key word here.
    Well, we'll have three WR's on the roster, don't worry about that! However, to say that you need three top WR's is completely bogus. Tennessee didn't have one! Baltimore had one good veteran but doesn't have a hall of famer by any means. What do these teams have? A strong defense(Hey look, we have a defensive HC!), a solid run game(wouldn't Jax love that?), and a very good offensive line(which we absolutely do not). You mention that the Eagles offense needs a specific kind of receiver, which I don't agree with, what the Eagles offense needs is a good offensive line. The Eagles have had one of the most consistant teams in the NFC in this decade. They've accomplished that by always building the team from the inside out and defense first. They take linemen first, then linebackers and tight ends and running backs and secondary players, and then then they finally go for receivers. So no, I don't think we need Crabtree, however, I will admit he's probably 5th on my big board, and depending onw hat we do in free agency, won't be upset if we grab him.

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