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    Did rams fan overvalue Avery?

    Did rams fan overvalue Avery? He has been on the market for two days no takers yet. Reports had the rams trying to trade him with no takers. Wide receiver Mardy Gilyard was taken off the market before him. I wonder did we fall in love with his speed and maybe was missing something coaches saw. I certainly believe the rams should have kept him but no one is knocking down his door makes me wonder.


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    Re: Did rams fan overvalue Avery?

    Oh YEAH eldfan, Avery was always that player who had oodles of potential. He had a good first year for a rookie and flashed some big play ability early in his career, although he was nothing too exciting.! He then started getting a lot of little nagging injuries and his play was then just always mediocre. I think a lot of Ram fans have been lulled into false expectations because of his superb speed. He did have a lot of good attributes so its surprising really he wasnt a better WR.?

    Im glad he is gone. Any WR's on the team I support hopefully are reliable with their catching as paramount. How can we become a consistent offense otherwise.? DX is unreliable, but he is way more dangerous than Avery will ever be, he will give opposing DC's much more to stress about. I love his size, speed combo. Im also ready to drop any talk about his knee, just let him play. If he can get through camp with only that swelling, means he should be able to manage to play and practice with the less heavy work load, in the regular season.?
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    Re: Did rams fan overvalue Avery?

    It's strange that we haven't heard of anyone even kicking the tires.I think Mardy got picked up for STs so I don't think it's a fair comparison.Maybe ironic, though, since I think it's possible he balked himself out of STL by refusing to return kicks/gun in Mardy's place. Maybe he's asking too much.Maybe there are still doubts about the knee & The Rams didn't want to blow the chance of a waiver snatch completely by citing them publicly.

    Otherwise, I think he's still good enough to get a chance before the transfer window closes & injuries start to blow roster holes. Not even sure he should take it if it comes. Maybe the DX IR plan would be better.

    Maybe he has a secret deal with The Rams to keep him off the market as extra injury

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    Re: Did rams fan overvalue Avery?

    Well, the Rams simply have not drafted well for WRs for many years.

    Too often we have passed on guys for bad reasons.

    We took Avery over DJax -- Gilyard over Mike Williams (TB) -- and lucky that DX went un-drafted.

    Avery was def a good player, but we reached alittle for a guy that was all talent.

    I still think he can play somewhere, but we need to win, and win now.

    Kendricks looks great, and we will probably be in the FA market for a WR this off-season.

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    Re: Did rams fan overvalue Avery?

    We. For the most part, as fans overvalue anyone on the roster with potential. Most think everyone one we sign is gonna play well and contribute handsomely... Even all 7rounds or draft picks

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