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    Did the Rams have A.J. Jenkins rated ahead of Michael Floyd?

    Peter King tweeted this out at 1am...

    Just talked to one team with a receiver need who liked first-round stunner AJ Jenkins over Michael Floyd.
    And this nugget is from an article published today on the Post-Dispatch website titled "Rams Miss Out on Jenkins"...

    League sources told the Post-Dispatch on Thursday afternoon that the Rams liked Jenkins so much that his grade wasn't much different than the one given Blackmon by the team's personnel department.
    The Mike Silver article that Bald81 posted suggested the Rams were very much ready to make Blackmon their pick @ 6 before Jacksonville swooped in and took him. In describing the Rams' options with the 14th pick should Brockers be off the board, Michael Floyd's name did not come up in the article.

    So putting all the pieces together, is it possible that the Rams had Illinois wide receiver A.J. Jenkins rated ahead of Michael Floyd on their board?

    Food for thought on this Friday morning.

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    Re: Did the Rams have A.J. Jenkins rated ahead of Michael Floyd?

    It is certainly possible. From reading the articles, the Rams board was clearly different from what media pundits and fans would think. Of course though, this happens every year, and the Rams pass on some media darling and a few of the fans fly off the handle. No big deal, their board is their board. Fisher has built a lot of good teams, I trust him to build one here.

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    Re: Did the Rams have A.J. Jenkins rated ahead of Michael Floyd?

    The only thing that seems clear is that the top of the Rams board was (1) Richardson, (2) Blackmon, (3) Brockers. Beyond that, who knows?

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