With the second pick in the draft , it seemed totally imposible for the RAMS to screw this one up( BUT boy was i holding my breath all the way until i heard and saw CHRIS LONG . The question is " was the choice the right one " , and with the force of a shledge hammer hitting and egg " YES , YES, YES,

I know all players think they are the best, and that was not lost this year either , YES , they all felt like they should be the #1 and could have been if those teams had other needs . It was what LONG said that made the seperation in my mind . All the other choices said they should have been #1 and that they are now going to make the teams that passed on them pay for it . Sure they all say that , but they really meant it ! They were not caught up in the excitement of becoming a high pick high price PRO, THEY WERE WORRIED about they're own selfish wants of being the #1.

It was LONG who said i could have been #1, but HE had the feeling and said he wanted to be a RAM. He just felt like he wanted to be a RAM. He wanted to be here. And when it is all said and done after the first day of the draft , where is CHRIS LONG ? Is he hangin with friends ? , celebrating with friends and family ? NO ! He is at the gym doing a workout .

DID the RAMS make a mistake not taking any of the other players ? those players SAY " YES " , and on game day CHRIS LONG WILL MAKE US SAY " Man , get out of town ! LONG isn't just a great DE that will help a team with that much needed position upgrade , he is what WE needed , HE is the good guy , he is a BETTER PERSON than he is a football player and that is saying a bunch . He will bring the most pollished fundamental game that we could have got from any pick , but the mark he will make will be his attitude and energy and the fact that he is CHRIS and he wanted to be a RAM .

DID we make a mistake ? NO ! we made a pick that will forever change this team but more important , will forever change this franchise. We are building a new FEARSOME FOURSOME with the solid foundation of young lineman CARRIKER - RYAN - V.A. - LONG , we have walked through a new door that opened to a bright morning .

He brings much needed hope for this team and IT'S COACH .