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    Do these Bradford videos change anything for you?

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    Re: Do these Bradford videos change anything for you?

    Not at all, I love the attitude in the beginning of the first one and the fact that he claims to avoid bad decisions (and hasn't had character concerns in the past) in the second one.

    I don't care about his religion... as long as he doesn't go to church instead of the game on Sundays.

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    Re: Do these Bradford videos change anything for you?

    In my opinion it's a good thing. I'm far from religious and I'm not about to enter a philosophical debate. Speaking strictly in terms of evaluating a player from a character standpoint, I can only see it as a good thing that he's grounded in a firm belief system and perhaps less susceptible to falling in with people his age and players his age who might put themselves in precarious situations. This video makes him appear to be a four pillar player.

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