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Last year most mock drafts had 3-4 WRs going in the 1st round (Devin Thomas, Limas Weed, James Hardy, Desean Jackson) However none went in the 1st also none were the 1st WR taken.

This year many are projecting 4-5 WRs to go in the 1st. Micheal Crabtree and Jeremy Macklin are the only sure-fire 1st rounders. DHB, Kenny Britt, and Percy Harvin are also projected to be 1st rounders however i think this year all 3 will drop to the 2nd and plenty of defensive players will go at the bottom of the 1st (bye bye James Lauriniatis). I think most teams are realizing that WR is an easy spot to fill and they can wait till later rounds.

(IMO Macklin drops to the Vikings #22 or Ravens at #26)

Where do you stand on this? Do you think WRs will take a hit like last year? IF Darius Heyward-Bey fell to #35 do you think Billy D will pull the trigger?

Really Maclin at 22 or 26? that sure is a huge drop off. why wouldnt someone like the Niners take him?