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    bigtiger737 Guest

    Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    I'm just sayin...
    Our rookies sound exciting but they also sound like projects that might end up not being ready for the big start yet.. I think with a rookie QB.. it would be very wise to have a good handed TE.. I really wish we would of went for Jared Cook JR,, I think he's gonna be great.. for him to get attention with the other Te's the titans had.. I think he will be special

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    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    At this point, I don't think there's much to be done. Fells has looked good at times, and I don't think his hands are a problem. I don't know about his blocking, since I'm never really aware he's on the field except when he's targeted in the passing game. I confess I'm not real aware of Jared Cook, Jr. According to Wikipedia, he had 9 catches last season, so I'm not going to assume that he would provide a better option for Bradford than anyone else we have.

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    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    I guess the problem comes down to who is available as a good catching TE. Detroit got the only one on the market, and it didn't sound like the Rams thought he was actually better than Fells since they didn't try to get him.

    I'm not saying this regime will pick 100% good players, some will bust, it's just the way things are, but if the Rams feel good about our TE's, then for now I'll trust to their judgment. If we wind up with a diamond out of the rough, then fantastic. At this point we have enough TEs to create a lot of competition, so I hope that will help bring out the best in them.

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    molar_pistol Guest

    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    we'll have to see, onobun could become a deadly threat in the passing game but he has a long way to go. if he doesn't show some improvement this season it will be something to think about next year, because i don't think we have much else outside of some good blockers.

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    Bralidore(RAMMODE) Guest

    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    at some point you just have to see what you have instead of spending everything trying to A_ get everyone elses good players (that THEY developed) or B) develop your own guys and get a little patience. We ahve plenty of talented TE bodies with little experience, lets jsut see what happens instead of trying to get everyone elses players.

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    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    Let's take a look at all the TE's on our roster that matter:

    Daniel Fells: Decent catcher, but doesn't astound anybody. Isn't the most consistent TE, and isn't a force when run blocking. Sometimes drops balls that should be caught, but is still young and has a lot more time to develop into a solid TE.

    Billy Bajema: Pretty good blocker, but isn't a frightening mauler. He gets decent push to help open up holes for Jackson. He is an underrated catcher, and makes the clutch catch. He is a nice safety net for the QB, but once he has possession of the ball, he won't wow anyone with his agility.

    Fendi Onobun: Very intriguing project, and his career can range from being an Antonio Gates type player, or an inexperienced bust. Has all the physical tools to be a phenom in the NFL, as his 6'6 frame can dominate any secondary, and his speed can burn any linebacker.

    Michael Hoomanawanui: Is an underrated catcher. Has the potential to be a big, consistent target for Bradford. Is a tough strong blocker who has more strength and explosiveness than Bajema. Is a tough runner to bring down, and has shown flashes of making big catches.

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    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    How many TEs do you expect the Rams to have on their active roster?

    Fells makes this team and Hoomanawanui is pretty much on the roster unless he screws up royally.

    The Rams are likely to go with 9 receivers (3TEs and 6 WRs / or 4 TEs and 5 WRs)

    My guess it's going to be 3 TEs and 6 WRs so that means Onobun and Bajema may be battling it out. If Onobun isn't ready and goes on the practice squad, Bajema makes the roster.

    The 6 WRs are likely to be Avery, Robinson, Gibson, Gilyard, Burton and either Foster or Amendola. Injuries could change all of this.
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    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    If you were to call the Rams' personnel at tight end average at this point, it's probably a compliment. There's just not much here to get excited about, except maybe the possibility of a project like Onobun working out in the long run.

    Fells is a capable back-up but what does he bring to the table as a starter? With as bad as Randy McMichael was last year, you'd think anyone behind him who could contribute in a starting role would get some time. Fells really hasn't, and the Rams were in no rush to bring him back until the Patriots gave him a sniff.

    Bajema is a journeyman blocking specialist. Good as a role player but he's not the kind of guy you look for as a starter on your team. Given what we've heard and read about Hoomanawanui's skills as a blocker, I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams go with Uh-Oh and drop Billy, if the rook can catch on with his assignments.

    Then you've got Onobun, who is your typical workout warrior and great athlete but is about as raw as the sushi I'm going to be having for dinner tomorrow night. Is this guy going to be Antonio Gates or Jai Lewis? People are already falling in love with his athletic ability, but I think the reigns need to be pulled back a bit.

    The biggest problem here is that other options were slim. We can second guess why the Rams didn't draft a tight end earlier if people want, and maybe they should have. But the value wasn't there in the second round, maybe not in the third, and then you have to ask yourself whether or not a fourth rounder is contributing more to this team immediately than what Fells would, regardless of what you think of his upside.

    Barring some kind of August or September release that the Rams swoop in and snatch, Fells is going to be starting for this team and we'll see what he's got. Some combination of the other three (I'm thinking two of the three of them, with one of the rookies on the practice squad if they find themselves the odd man out) will back him up. But I don't think anyone can really consider this an area of strength. There's just only so much you can do in an offseason, especially one limited by the lack of a collective bargaining agreement.

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    The Optimistic Lamb Guest

    Re: Does anyone think we might still need a TE

    Hoomanawanui is underrated. If he can block well, then he's worth a spot on the roster. Catching is a bonus. Our #1 priority has to be keeping Bradford from getting hurt. Thats all that pick was about.


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