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    Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    With the consensus being that the Rams are going to draft Brown if available, one item that might not be a good fit is his Wonderlic scores (I think he scored a 12). If he can't pick up the offensive nuances, and the Rams offense is complicated, then it might exacerbate his tendency to be a little slow off the snap among other things.

    Here is the related comments from analysis by nfl on cbs:

    Negatives. Still works more on instinct and needs to grasp the mental aspect of the game better, but he has made steady progress since moving over to the offense as a freshman. While he plays with good aggression, he is slow to digest plays, at times, making him look sluggish getting off the snap. Struggles in the classroom and does not seem to grasp the mental aspect of the game, compensating with his quickness and power to get the job done. Can get a little sloppy with his blocking angles upon departure, but plays with good leverage to neutralize the defender. Will get a little inconsistent with his punch (takes lazy sets), but he gets to the collision point very effectively. When he does not recognize the defensive scheme, he is slow to engage the defender. Slow with his angle of departure and can be frozen by defensive line games. Will sometimes miss the count and move too early, resulting in costly penalties. Needs to get stronger and more physical in his game. Is prone to overextend in pass protection, especially when facing a double move.

    Anyone worried? My guess is if the Rams don't take him this will be the reason (btw I don't think Barnes had a much higher Wonderlic -16).
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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    Certainly something to think about (no pun intended). If I were in the FO, I don't think I'd be scared off by this. He still hasn't given up a sack in the better part of two years, so I think I'd take a chance on him. Maybe we can draft that genius QB from Harvard to be Brown's study buddy. :redface:

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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    Kevin Curtis had the highest wonderlic score of anyone that took the test in his year. While i wouldnt pass on brown for the low score, it is certainly not a ringing endorsement of the oklahoma undergrad system.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    Here's my Wonderlic for Offensive Linemen:

    1. The guy in front of you with the different colored jersey should be:

    a) your friend.
    b) greeted warmly.
    c) pounded into the turf.

    2. If the QB on your team is sacked by the guy accross from you:

    a) that's good.
    b) that's bad.

    3. You shouldn't move until:

    a) The QB says "hut!"
    b) The guy on the other team moves.
    c) The ball is snapped.

    4. Steroids are:

    a) delicious.
    b) necessary.
    c) illegal.

    5. My agent will be:

    a) The Postons.
    b) Anyone but the Postons.

    If the player can pass that test, I'm not too worried.

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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    I'm not too worried about it. What was Orlando Pace's Wonderlic score in '97?

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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    Her's what Scouts Inc. said about Brown.

    Strengths: Is athletic and mobile. Has good initial quickness and balance. Has adequate speed, takes good angles as a downfield blocker and really shows good body control in space. His strength is in pass protection. He has just adequate height and bulk but he has longer arms and a powerful punch. He has great quickness in his pass pro set. Is very sudden in his movements. Shows a quick first step. Good leverage and body control in both areas. Stays balanced and shows very good body control when he works at it. Has excellent lateral movement skills. Is rarely beat by pure speed and shows the ability to mirror and slide versus the double move when he plays with leverage. He does a very good job in terms of hand placement and he has a jarring punch. His run blocking skills must improve but he does have good initial quickness and is able to consistently get in position on reach blocks. He has very good initial power and has the potential to develop into an efficient run blocker in the NFL if he becomes more physical.

    Weaknesses: He keeps getting bigger and stronger, but he does not have ideal bulk and he has just adequate height for an elite OT prospect. He is powerful in his upper body but does not have the massive frame to simply engulf smaller defensive ends in the NFL. Isn't nearly as physical or aggressive as he needs to be. Has the athleticism to play LOT but lacks experience at that position after playing ROT in college. Doesn't finish as well as he should as a run blocker. Mental capacity? Scored 13 on Wonderlic.

    Overall: Brown was a partial qualifier who was cleared by the NCAA as a true freshman but wound up redshirting in 2000 because of a knee injury anyway. He played as a reserve right tackle as a redshirt freshman in 2001 before taking over as a fulltime starter at right tackle as a sophomore in 2002. Brown has been a fulltime starter and first team All-Big 12 the past three seasons (2002-'04). Brown doesn't have elite size but he keeps getting bigger and stronger. He has excellent feet and good overall athletic ability, which is why he shows the potential to start at the LOT position in the NFL. Brown had his best season as a senior in 2004 and he's become a more technically sound and complete player. But despite his natural ability and success on the collegiate level, Brown could drop to the bottom of the first or the top of the second round due to concerns about his overall toughness and aggressiveness. Similar to Kenyatta Walker (Buccaneers 1st round pick in 2001), there's a chance that Brown never reaches his potential in the NFL because he isn't the hardest worker or the most physical player  that's why he's a big "risk-and-reward" prospect.

    Some statements do make you nervous like never live up to potential, and not the hardest worker. I'll be honest I don't like how Barron looks on tape, he looks slow footed and in the one drill in the combine he couldnt even shadow the guy in front of him at all. I have Barnes then Brown then Barron in my tackle ratings. The draft is one big crap shoot and we just have to hope to get lucky.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Does J. Brown's Wonderlic scores scare anyone off?

    Lucky? i don't want to go by Lucky! But what the hell. Beers on draft day!!!! :tongue:


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