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    With the Dolphins...

    With the dolphins releasing Trent Green, would they probably pursue a QB for their first round pick leaving us who we need, Chris Long?

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    Re: With the Dolphins...

    They currently have no pieces for Parcell's 3-4 and they also released both their tackles. If Parcells doesn't bring in a vet or thinks Beck isn't his guy he will go with Ryan. If he thinks he has got is QB he will go Jake Long or Chris Long IMO

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    Re: With the Dolphins...

    I agree, I find it very interesting to see just who they're cutting. The one thing that is not being mentioned is what their QB situation is. Beck sucked a whole lot for the time he was in, but he's not Peyton or even Brady and they sucked a lot their first starts. So, the question becomes, does Parcells think he has a starter, or does he think one of his guys will be available for trade or in free agency. If a Parcells guy is picked up, he'll be the starter. If not, then the game of chicken continues and we have to keep wondering whom they'll pick. I would not be surprised to see them bargaining with multiple people leading up to the draft, much like in 2006. I'd expect 2-3 out of the following, both Longs, Dorsey, and the best QB, probably Ryan.

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