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    Donnie Edwards anyone?
    It has long been a foregone conclusion that 2006 was linebacker Donnie Edwards' last season as a Charger. Neither the team nor Edwards' side officially said as much, however, until yesterday. But with free agency looming, Edwards' agent confirmed yesterday the sides have not talked and that Edwards will leave when the free-agency period begins next month. “We're not doing anything (with the Chargers),” Tom Condon said. Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith later said the team sent Condon a letter two days after the team's playoff loss to New England last month and said they would not be pursuing Edwards. “What Tom Condon told you is correct,” Smith said. “Donnie will not be part of the San Diego Chargers this year.” ... Although Edwards led the Chargers in tackles each of the past five seasons and led all NFL linebackers with 17 interceptions since 2002, Smith had tired of Edwards' repeated attempts to rework his contract.
    If we could get him for cheap what do you say about possibly bringing him in?

    Last season:
    TACK 142.0 | FF 2 | INT 3


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    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    He's a good player, and I believe he is usually among the top in the rankings of "premium tackles", i.e. less than 2 yards gained. He's also pretty durable. However, I get the impression that the Chargers believe he's a product of the system. I'd wonder whether he'd be that effective in the middle of a 4-3 since his success has been as a 3-4 ILB. If we're worried about having small LBs, he's also lighter (6'2", 227 lbs.) than Pisa and Will. Interesting thought, but I don't think he fits our need.

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    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    He is a nice player. Did you know he is allergic to grass.

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    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    Donnie feels underpaid in San Diego and obviously will want more money than he is getting now. He will be 34 years old before training camp begins so I guess you could say he is reaching the twilight of his career. We already have veteran presence with Witherspoon and Tinosamoa -- let's spend our cap dollars as wisely as possible. Our current group of linebackers (including Chillar) can be more than adequate providing we can find a couple of linemen that don't get blown off the line of scrimmage when opposing teams decide to run the ball. If we must sign a linebacker in FA then at the least sign one who is approaching his prime -- not one who has passed it.

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    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    I like him. He's a great player, and from what I hear a great person. I'm tired of getting "washed up" players like Glover and Dexter. I'm just scared that if we give him a good offer, that he'll be a bust.

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    Drew Guest

    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    one of the most underated players in the NFL ,great pro!
    but do i want him in a rams helmet,no thanks if we got him we`d have to replace him in a year, 2 at the max and as weve got pisa and will for the next five years, lets get someone else to compliment them for that period atleast!

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    Re: Donnie Edwards anyone?

    Define cheap?

    If you mean cheap like veteran minimum then I say yes. If you mean cheap for his market value I would say no.........

    Edwards resume is very impressive and the only thing that will hurt him on the market is his age. He's well past his prime and plays in system that only a few teams in the league use almost every down......

    Just my 2 cents


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