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    Re: Dorsey on the defensive over his health

    I agree that I wouldn't classify Ryan as a proven starter just yet, but he showed enough promise IMO to give him a chance at that position, especially since Carriker better projects to the three-technique over the nose.

    Drafting Dorsey probably means shifting Carriker back to the nose and making Ryan a situational player. Having Ryan in that role might not necessarily be a bad thing, but you would be burying him on the depth chart behind two first round picks. So while the jury is out on Ryan now, it would probably always be out if he's limited to a situational role in the defense.

    Similar to Klop's situation at tight end, I guess.

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    Re: Dorsey on the defensive over his health

    I did hear this morning from John McLean of the Houston Chronicle saying he has talked to several team doctors off the record and they told him that Dorsey's first contract could be his last. Maybe there is more truth to the injuries than I thought but it seems like there is more spin around Dorsey than Hillary's campaign.

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    Re: Dorsey on the defensive over his health

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    The technique thing refers to where a player lines up against the offensive line. A 1-tech DT is a nose tackle lining up right on the center, a la a 3-4. Anyone who wrote that Dorsey's a 1-tech or 3-4 DT is retarded. He's a classic, pass rushing 3-tech(which means over guard; 5 tech means over tackle), and in my mind, most closely resembles Warren Sapp. Sedrick Ellis, on the other hand, is a 1-tech, as he played some time in a 3-4 at USC as the nose tackle and did well. That's actually how the two top DT's are stacked, in that Dorsey's the best 4-3 tackle in that he's more of a one gap, quicker first step, pass rusher, while Ellis is a two gap, stronger, 3-4 kind of guy. Dorsey = Carriker, Ellis = Ryan.
    actuall the "zero" technique is a nose tackle in a 3-4, a "1" technique lines up between the center and gaurd. the odd numbers represent a gap and even numbers represent the player being stacked over an o-lineman.

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