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    The Draft

    If Bill Walsh had his way in the 79 draft he would of taken Steve Fuller with his first pick, but KC beat him to it.

    So in the third round he took Montana.

    Who knows where Montana would of fallen if the 'Genius' had his way.

    And would the Niners be the team of the 80's with Fuller instead of Montana at QB?

    In the last few years, the Rams have taken three defensive tackles in the first round.

    Larry Brooks went in the 14th round.

    Brooks happens to be 5 times better than all three put together.

    If it wasn't for a Ram scout that went to a game to evaluate a running back the Rams were high on, he wouldn't of seen this defensive player for the other team that was faster than this running back.

    So he wrote down his name, Dave Jones.

    Some of you might know him a Deacon Jones, the greatest defensive end to ever play in the NFL.

    And the Rams took him in the 14th round.

    When the Rams drafted Lawrence Phillips, Eddie Kennison and Tony Banks, the media gave the Rams an 'A' grade.

    Saying we stole the draft.

    When the Rams had 3 first round picks in the 1975 draft and didn't take Anthony Davis of USC, the LA papers slammed the Rams GM, Don Klosterman.

    Saying Doug France and Mike Fanning were just OK, But, passing on Anthony Davis for some guy they never heard of playing for a 2nd rate college.

    He was talking about Miami and the player was Dennis Harrah.

    Here is the tale of two teams.

    The Dallas Cowboys and LA Rams.

    The Rams struck out with all those picks
    (bill hawkins, gaston green, brian smith etc) for Eric Dickerson and the Dallas Cowboy hit HR after HR with their picks for Herschel Walker.

    So one team becomes the team of the 90's and the other is swimming with the bengals.

    Greatest draft ever. 1975.

    Fanning, Harrah, France, Monte Jackson, Rod Perry and Haden.

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    Re: The Draft

    Great post. Very interesting.


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