I think you have to look at the risk/reward of some picks:

Jason Smith is a safe pick that is far more likely to pan out than say Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez. Both of those guys I would consider high risk - high reward type of picks.

Laurnaitis is right now probably behind Maualuga as a MLB but Laurnaitis is a far safer pick who doesn't have off the field problems and is an instant leader.

Bradley Fletcher is more of a riskier pick than you might otherwise take in the 3rd round. He is that high risk / high reward type of pick. Does this guy turn into Bartell or Jacoby Shepard? And I disagree with Michael Johnson being such a sure thing. A lot of teams were turned off by his work ethic. Considering the Rams and their history of draft choices with poor work ethics - I don't mind them passing on the guy at all.